Rounding the Human Corners

Author: Linda Hogan

Tribe of author and/or tribe featured in book: Chickasaw

Favorite quote: “Solace comes through apprehending the material and holy world precisely as it is.” ~William Kittredge (wrote the introduction to Rounding the Human Corners)

Summary: It is hard to write a summary on an anthology of poems without adding my analysis too, but I’ll do my best. Rounding the Human Corners is a different book than any of the others I have read thus far for this blog as well as those I’m reading and intending to read for the blog. This book is an anthology of poems that Linda Hogan wrote about human nature and about nature in general. The poems are divided down into three categories: Unlayering the Human, Rounding the Human Corners, and Affinity. The first section’s poems focus on various aspects of human nature or observations that Ms. Hogan has had. The second section focuses more on her observations. The third section focuses mostly on nature and her observations of nature.

Analysis: I was fortunate enough to have met and talked to Linda Hogan on a couple occasions. She is a kind, soft-spoken lady and her views reflect in her poetry and vice versa. It is hard to say if her poems influenced how she views nature or if her views of nature influenced her poems. Either way, she is no hypocrite. She practices what she preaches and that’s harmony with self, harmony with others, and harmony with nature.

Few, if any, of Ms. Hogan’s poems rhyme. By some people’s standards this is a fault, but I like that her poems don’t rhyme—mostly because the poems that I write rarely rhyme. Though Linda Hogan is Chickasaw, these aren’t “Chickasaw poems.” What I like about her poetry is that it applies to all people and not just Chickasaws or those who are affiliated with the Chickasaws. Linda Hogan’s poetry leaves no one out. I highly suggest reading only a few poems at a time so that the reader can reflect on the poetry and the words in the poems. I feel that without this reflection a wonderful message is being missed.


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