Depression and Other Dilemmas

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I was busy supervising…I mean helping my fiance get ready for moving in. It’s been exhausting, especially since I’m still trying to get him out of his bachelor ways. We’re making progress, but it’s not as fast as I would like and our wedding date is fast approaching.

That’s not what I wanted to write about. I wanted to write about something that I struggle with and something that many people–unless they’ve battled with it–don’t really understand: Depression. Many people who have never dealt with depression think that it is simply deep sadness; that the person suffering from it is losing their faith; that the person needs cheering up, encouraging words, and a Bible study. I’m here to tell you that it is not the case.

Depression doesn’t mean that the person is losing their faith and it can’t really be called a sadness. Depression isn’t an emotion per se. When a person is depressed they often don’t know why they are depressed. Now there are some cases where depression follows a great loss, but there are other people who just have a chemical imbalance thereby making it a medical condition rather than a mental condition.

I am the latter. I’ve had a fairly good life, but I still battle with depression. I’ve gotten along as best as I can; I’ve been doing better since I’ve been “heavily medicated” as I like to joke. I recently started telling people that I’m depressed. Some people tell me that they couldn’t tell. Other people open up to me and tell me that they too battle with depression. Still others think that it is time to sit me down and set me straight. For me, there is nothing more annoying than a person who has never battled with depression before telling me how I can become undepressed (is that a word?).

It’s not just depression either. It annoys me when people give advice to problems they’ve never encountered before. You should do this. You should do that. They don’t understand that the person dealing with the problem knows what he or she should do.

Sorry if this post came off rant-like. I guess I am just letting off some steam.

To those who suffer from Depression or any other debilitating dilemma, I want you to know that you’re not alone; I’m in your corner. I know what it’s like. I don’t know if this will help you, but this has certainly helped me. I keep reminding myself that depression is like the ocean; the tide comes in and the tide goes out. When the tide is in, I tell myself that the tide will go out and all I need to do is ride the waves for a little longer.

To everyone I want to tell you that sometimes the best thing to do is not offer advice or a Bible study, but it is to put your arm around the other person and listen to them. Sometimes that’s all someone needs is a listening ear, or a shoulder to cry on. Just let the person know that you’re there for them; let them know that they can come to you for anything and you won’t judge them. They’ll love you for it and they’ll come to you more often.



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