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A Catchy Title

My husband read yesterday’s blog and, among other things, pointed out that I had lied to everyone due to the fact that I did not (more so was not able to) write two posts yesterday. I apologize if I hurt anyone’s feelings.

I have a cold and it’s not fun. Last night I either was freezing or sweating signifying that I probably had a fever on and off. My temp went up a little bit ago, but stubborn me I refuse to take anything. It’s not like it’s that high; it just is uncomfortable. However, if it gets too high I definitely will take something.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I want another Australian Cattle Dog, except one with red ticking, and another Shih Tzu–both males. Granted, I have three dogs right now (two are living with my mom at the moment), but I want more. I can see how I could easily become a dog hoarder. Fortunately, I know that five dogs would be too much right now. Perhaps if/when my husband and I move to the country. My husband won’t mind as long as he can have his cats. Yep, we probably will be a hoarding case. Make sure you look for us on TV in about seven or eight years.

Now I’ve scared myself! Maybe I’ll just stick with writing about dogs for right now.

Still, a Red Heeler and another Shih Tzu sound like fun.

A job would be nice too. Of course a job is more plausible.

Sometimes I feel like my Masters is a useless degree. I mean, what good is it to have a Masters in something when people won’t hire you because you lack experience, but you lack experience because people won’t hire you. It’s like a Catch 22. I’m thinking about going back to school and get a degree in something useful, or take an alternative teaching test and become a certified teacher. I guess I don’t mind teaching English, but I’m not sure if I want to do lesson plans…actually grading paper will probably be my hangup. Okay more like deciphering handwritings.

Sorry I’m just rambling. I had something to write about, but I forgot what it was. It was going to be good too. Well, if I think of it I’ll write about it. Right now I think I’m going to rest. I can feel the fever coming back.

Until next time…stay well everyone. I hope reading this doesn’t make you sick. *cough* *cough*

Pavlov Should Have Studied Pet Owners

Sorry I didn’t post last week. I was on my honeymoon. It consisted of sitting around the house playing video games with my husband, but still. To make up for that, I’m going to post a couple blog entries today.

Currently, my husband and I share our lives with four animals–two Persians, one DSH, and a Blue Heeler. All four of them have become quite accustomed to a certain morning routine and act accordingly. At about nine or ten in the morning–if we’re lucky–the animals let us know that it is time to be fed and, in the case of my Blue Heeler, be let out of the crate. The DSH and one of the Persians start meowing and begging for food and the Heeler starts whining. When that starts, someone usually gets out of bed to silence the animals…that someone is usually me.

My husband can sleep through begging animals, but I can’t. As soon as the animals are awake so am I. I’m always grateful to them when they allow me to sleep in a little bit longer. 

On a similar subject, I remember when I was a child and I begged my parents for a cat (I had several dogs). I loved cats. We had an opportunity to get a cat, but my dad wouldn’t let us take him. Finally, when I was about fourteen or fifteen my mother and I got two cats. I quickly learned that the ownership of cats our willingness to allow ourselves to be enslaved by cats is overrated.

Don’t get me wrong, I like cats, but I don’t have a preference for indoor cats. I have the ability to detect even the faintest litterbox odor–an ability that I’m not happy with. Okay, so the biggest thing I have against indoor cats is the litterbox. I hate cleaning litterboxes and I always look for an easier way of cleaning them.

After being a slave of at least seven cats over the past twelve years, I’ve made a few observations–or perhaps these are my personal opinions. Cats are not lower maintenance than dogs. If you’re a properly trained cat slave, your cat has a set schedule that you’re to operate by and if you deviate from the schedule there are consequences (i.e. poop in your shoes, knocked over things, etc). Also, cats jump on everything. Just the other night, one of our masters jumped up on the TV cabinet and knocked things off. She also got behind the TV cabinet and messed with the wires. She also likes to sit on the arm of the couch blocking our view of the TV; usually at critical gaming moments (we now have a stick that we gently coax our master off the couch with).

The funny thing about cats is they’re perfectly trainable. I know a dog trainer who trained a cat to do tricks on command. They’re willing to learn, but most people don’t have the patience to teach them. They just adopt the philosophy that many of us slaves adopt “cats will be cats and we can’t do anything about that.” But I believe we can. So, with that being said, when my husband decides to bring home a kitten–and he’s been talking about it–I’m going to teach my master some new tricks…maybe…possibly…and then I’ll give up and say “a cat is a cat and I can’t do anything about that.”

Mountain Goat-Dog

Mountain Goat-Dog

Shelby surveying her new territory after she discovered that she had the ability to jump and climb. I thought it was an odd behavior until I read about the Heeler’s ancestor–the dingo–who has the capability of climbing.

Puppy-Dog: Gotta Catch Them All

My dogs’ stats if they were video game characters:

Name: Haley

Age: 3 years

Breed: Shih Tzu

Attack(s): Shredding (she can take an evil plastic bag’s HP from 100 down to zero with one attack), I surrender (when she is beaten, she rolls over on her back; challenger thinks the fight is won, until challenger tries to go in for the final “kill”)

Special Attack(s): Selective Listening (reduces challenger to a frustrated mess that can only stomp a foot), Instigation (she can rile up many challengers even after they’ve gone their own way causing them to “turn” on each other; this reduces challengers’ HP without reducing hers)

Name: Shelby Bird

Age: 2 years

Breed: Blue Heeler

Attack(s): Bird imitations, Counter surfing,

Special Attack(s): Tail-Wag attack (a very painful attack reducing challenger’s HP by half)

Name: Penny

Age: 2 years

Breed: Rat Terrier

Attack(s): Jumping, Growl-Nudge (she thinks it’s her strongest attack, but this is a weak attack that often causes the challenger to counter-attack),

Special Attack(s): Tight ball curl (this enables her to reduce her size by two-thirds making it hard for challenger to attack)

Name: Ebony Rose

Age: 1 year (on 22nd)

Breed: Toy Poodle, Maltese, Yorkie mix

Attacks: Face lick (though not a strong attack, it causes immediate discomfort for the challenger), Mud Paw (causes damage when she jumps up on challenger with her muddy paws),

Special Attack(s): Cuteness Overload (with one look the challenger’s HP is reduced to zero)

If your pet was a video game character, what would his or her stats be?

I Know My Body

Note: This blog entry may be TMI for some people. Just warning you ahead of time.


Last month I had some female problems consisting of my body losing too much blood over a 30 day period. Between my fiance’s roommate issues and me moving into his house, I was under a lot of stress and we all know that our bodies react strangely during long stretches of stress.

Anyway, I finally called the doctor (it takes a lot for me to call the [medical] doctor for reasons that will be mentioned later) and got an appointment and due to the fact that I rescheduled my dentist (one of the two types of doctors I like) appointment, I forgot when my doctor’s appointment was. It was a good thing too because the lady who scheduled my appointment didn’t put me in the system and when I called to confirm I was told that I wasn’t even scheduled. So I “rescheduled” for the exact same time that I think my original appointment was.

Long story short, I went to the doctor today and let’s just say he wasn’t much help. Without asking me detailed questions, he concluded that I had a miscarriage, despite the fact that there was a very slim possibility that I could have even conceived. However, when doctors hear the words “sexually active” they come to their own conclusions even though their patients know their own bodies much better than the doctor does.

So after waiting in the waiting room for about an hour and only spending ten minutes (if that long) with the doctor, I left the doctor’s office with more questions than I had gone in with. Mother and I came to the conclusion that I should have gone to a gynecologist rather than a family doctor. Well I’ve learned my lesson. Go to a specialist if one has a special problem.

After doing my own research, I think I have endometriosis. That would explain all of the female problems that I’ve been having. If only my doctor had asked a few more questions, rather than cutting me off in mid sentence, then he might have changed his “diagnosis.” I understand that doctors have several patients, but I still feel that doctors should give each patient equal amount of time even if the patient seems “fine.” I know, only in a perfect world.

Veterinarians are the only other type of doctor that I like. They have more of a tendency to listen to the animal’s owner simply because the animals owner knows the animal best. There have been a few times that the vet gives me that “I got the degree, so I know what I’m talking about” look, but I acquiesce because in those situations I have to take the vet’s word for it.

So…yeah, that’s my TMI post. I’ll try not to write too many of those. I guess I’m just frustrated and needed to get it out.

So…until next time, stay in good health my friends.

Writer in Need of a Job and Other “Tear-Jerking” Tales

I think I’m about to go crazy. I need a job. I’ve been contemplating taking a part-time job at Petsmart just so that I can have something to do. However, I did sign up on a website as a writing contractor so we’ll see what comes of that.

Yesterday I got my Heeler fixed and I have to keep her “quiet” for three days. That’s like keeping a mountain goat from climbing. Literally. My Heeler loves to climb. She jumped up on the back of our love seat simply because she could. She tried to climb up on my scrapbooking table. I have a crate for her, but I don’t want to keep her in it all the time, so what I’m doing is hanging out in my study and letting her roam around.

Half or Less Books just might be my new favorite bookstore. All the books are so affordable, pocket change even. I found four clearance books that totaled up to six dollars. My fiance got some Star Trek books (yes, I’m marrying a nerd and I’m proud of it!). All together he paid less than twelve dollars for all six books…not a bad haul. I will definitely visit there again. The only unfortunate part about the store is all of the bookshelves are made of Cedar. My mother and I are allergic to Cedar with my mom being almost deathly allergic. That means that I won’t be able to take my mom shopping there which makes me kind of sad because I’d like to show her that place.

Moving is is going well, albeit slow. I only have so much motivation…er energy to get the job done. Maybe if I had some really good music blaring through the house then I might be more inclined to do some more work. Until then, I’ll just waste time on facebook.

I think this really about sums up my last few days. I’m hoping that life becomes more exciting. My characters in my stories have more fun than I have. How fair is that? Maybe I should fictionalize myself and go on adventures. Okay, I admit it, I’ve done that before. I like to write stories where I’m doing a lot more exciting things. Of course a lot more exciting things simply means I’m not sitting at home on my computer playing Farmville 2 hoping that I hear an ambulance or police car or some other signs of life outside of the walls of the house.

Well I’m going to go write about something exciting. Maybe I’ll find an adventure in the laundry room.

Until next time…