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Things Dog Groomers Wish You Knew

1. Please remember the your groomer is caring for three or four other dogs. That means that your patience is greatly appreciated.

2. Try to relax when dropping your dog off. Your anxiety directly affects the dog and if you’re nervous about the trip, then your dog will think that this is a bad place to be. We want the dog to enjoy the groom not fear it.

3. Please, please, please don’t call to check up on your dog unless it is past time to pick the dog up. Every time your groomer has to answer the phone and you’re merely wondering how your dog is doing means that it takes your groomer longer to groom the pets.

4. Be specific about what you want, even if it means bringing in a picture. Your groomer wants to please you, but can’t if you don’t know what you want. Similarly, your groomer knows what he or she is doing so listen to his or her advice especially when it comes to breed specific cuts.

5. Treat your groomer kindly, not simply because your groomer is doing you a service, but because sometimes the groomer deals with difficult dogs and might be stressed. Your groomer really appreciates smiles and thank yous.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask your groomer for advice concerning coat care. Your groomer is probably the best source of information.

I hope the above doesn’t sound too harsh, but groomers encounter these things every day. For those who don’t (or in some cases do) the above, groomers really appreciate you.

Goodbyes & Hellos

Sorry I’ve been MIA. It took me a couple weeks to get used to working. Now that I’m used to it I can go back to my usual Wednesday posts…maybe even more because working at a dog grooming salon is fodder for many blog posts like: the different types of owners, what over-coddling can do to one’s dog, the perks of being a dog bather, the downside of being a dog bather, and many others. However, I’ll save those for another week.

A little update on what’s going on at our house. We had to give Shelby back to my dad. She had become a very good escape artist to the point that I was always worried about her at work because I feared that she’d hurt herself trying to get out of the crate. My husband and I were very sad to see her go, but from what my dad has told me Shelby is happy to be back with her brother and parents. He thinks she misses being inside, though.

After Shelby left, I toyed with the idea of getting another dog that would enjoy being inside. I searched local shelter websites and found two Shih Tzu at the OKC shelter and a Poodle Schnauzer mix at the Moore Shelter. Unfortunately the two Shih Tzu weren’t up for adoption (I think they were picked up as strays, but had owners), so I turned my attention to the Poodle mix. I even called about him once.

Then one day he disappeared off of the website. I don’t know if he was adopted or not. Needless to say I was a bit disheartened, but I knew that it wasn’t meant to be. I decided to take a break from searching for dogs for a little while, build up my banking account, and then start a search again.

I never had to search for a dog thanks to our Persian. Close to midnight my husband told me that Holly, the Persian, had plastic stuck between her teeth. She is notorious for chewing on plastic. I saw that it was a plastic zip-tie. However, neither of us could dislodge it. So we went to the nearest 24-hour vet, which is about five miles away.

It didn’t take long for the vet to extract the zip-tie. In fact it took so little time that she didn’t even charge us. After that “ordeal” was over, we stayed and talked for awhile longer. We also played with the office animals which consisted of a dog and three of the cats that live at the facility. All, but one of the cats, were up for adoption. The dog, an Australian Shepherd named Shaffer, bonded with my husband and I. The vet told us that he’d never bonded with anyone outside of her. We both fell in love with the dog.

To make a long story short, after we took our two Shih Tzu to visit him, we decided that we wanted to adopt him. So today I checked my banking account and found out I got paid. Withdrawing $80 I ran my errands and then went to pick up Shaffer. The vet cried. Shaffer seemed scared at first. Then we got to Petsmart so I could give him a bath and brush. He dragged me into the store; his tail was up and he was curious about everything. Good sign.

After a bath and brush, we came home and let him explore. Right now all of the dogs are sleeping. The girls aren’t sure what to do with their new brother, but I’m sure the three of them will become friends eventually.

Anyway, without further ado, here is a picture of my new boy.


So You Want to Be a Groomer?

When I told people that I got a job bathing dogs (and in the future probably grooming dogs) I got one of two reactions. Reaction 1: That’s wonderful! Working with dogs is right up your alley. Reaction 2: You have a Masters, why are you grooming dogs?

Most people fell into the first category. Only a couple people were truly upset that I was going into this field. These were the people who I expected to understand the most because they’ve known me the longest, but perhaps that’s the reason why they objected the most. What’s funny about these two people is one of them recently reconnected with me when she found out I was getting married, and the other is a friend’s mother who feels like she knows best.

No matter how many people congratulated me, I still was a bit hurt by their comments. I couldn’t get their comments out of my head (even though I could have deleted them off of facebook). I have to remind myself that their opinion doesn’t matter. My parents and my other friends who are looking out for my happiness–not just money–are the people whose opinions really matter.

That being said I think I’m going to love my job. I got to hang out with the groomers yesterday and all of them are really nice. They were eager to answer my questions. In fact everyone at the Petsmart where I work are really nice people. I can’t complain.

So, I’ve told myself to put the hurtful comments out of my mind and focus on being the best dog bather that I can be.

Until next time…keep your fur clean.

Cute and Bad Go Hand-In-Hand


Molly the day I brought her home. (Sorry about the spooky eyes)


Haley and Molly playing with one of their toys


Shelby, Haley, and Molly…the gang’s all here!

I’ll try to get pictures of the cats up sometime. They’re a lot easier to photograph because all they do is sit there.