Monthly Archives: August 2013

My Lovely Allergy

I thought I only had a mild allergy to cats, but I realize now that it’s not so mild. In fact, I found out that a person’s allergy to cats only gets worse the more they’re exposed to cats. There are four cats in our house right now. Yep, I’m kind of miserable.

Now, I can’t even pick up a cat without starting to sneeze. My eyes sting. My throat hurts.

Getting rid of the cats isn’t an option. That’s what my husband told me. The only thing he’s willing to do is let the two cats we’re taking care of go back to their owners. As for our two cats…let’s hope that I don’t become any more allergic to them. I don’t want it to become a “it’s me or the cats” thing.

That’s all I have to write now. My head hurts and my eyes are stinging. Sigh. Stupid allergies.

Until next time, keep the tissues and allergy medicine nearby.