Monthly Archives: December 2013


It has been awhile since I last wrote. Between work, home, and being sick I haven’t had much time to blog. However, it is my hope that I’m back.

Much has happened in the animal department since I last wrote. Two of my male rats died. They were the tiniest out of the six and somehow ended up on the bottom of the pile on days where the temperatures in the house dropped. One of our cats also died. She was my husband’s favorite, but my least favorite. She and I shared a mutual disliking for each other and tended to try to stay out of each other’s way.

We had a Pit Bull for a short while to see if it would work for Shaffer; it didn’t. The Pit ended up having a grass allergy so he couldn’t be outside. So, we had to take him back. Shaffer is currently with us, but with his latest antics–going through great lengths to get forbidden food–I honestly don’t want to deal with it anymore especially after he jumped on the kitchen tableĀ and a few days after that heĀ knocked over the ferret cage allowing our little female to get out (fortunately neither ferret was hurt). It got so stressing at one point that I hated leaving the house because I didn’t know what he’d get into. The last few days, though, he hadn’t gotten into much, but that’s because we don’t leave him unattended anymore or we close him in our bedroom.

We have a new puppy named Clara. She’s a Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix. She is super sweet, super cute, and super bad. Currently I’m trying to break her of her poo-eating habit. She’s learning the command “leave it,” but she’s still not reliable in executing it. Of course she’s just 4 months, so I can’t expect too much from her. She’s a fast learner, though. She has already mastered “Sit,” “Wait,” and “Go eat.”

Molly absolutely adores her and they love to play. Haley plays with her from time to time, but for the most part she ignores her. Of course they don’t interact a whole lot since Clara is being potty-trained and isn’t allowed to roam the house like Haley is. However, in the interactions I have seen, Molly, Clara, and Haley are going to be inseparable in a few months.

I guess that’s all for an update. I have a few things to do before I retire for the night.

Until next time, sweet dreams puppy-dogs.