Home Made Diet

I’ve read different articles about raw diets, making dog food at home and so on. To me it was a nice idea, but not necessarily practical for me. I’m a vegetarian, I’m sure I mentioned that before. That being said, feeding my dogs a raw diet was an unnecessary expense. There also was the added complication of Haley being allergic to chicken (and possibly other meats). She seemed fine on lamb and rice, but I eventually took her off of that and put all of my dogs on a vegetarian diet. Her allergies improved; she didn’t have near as many flair-ups on her belly. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough protein in the food to keep up with her healthy metabolism (oddly enough the other dogs kept their weight and might even gained some, but it might have been an illusion due to the fact that Haley was once heavier than them, but lost weight and is now lighter than them). To add insult to injury, Haley doesn’t chew her food (I know, most dogs don’t) and on Saturday evening vomited up her entire meal for the day. As a result she was rail thin and I was worried.


Fortunately, the loss of weight didn’t slow her down any. She’s more active now than she was before. Only, she’s too skinny weighing probably about ten or eleven pounds when she should be weighing fourteen.


I decided that she needed some added protein in her diet. So, I put her on lentils and rice–a favorite meal of mine because it is simple yet a complete meal. Today is the second or third day that she’s been on it. She still has a whole lot of energy, and sometimes seems that she has more energy now than before. I haven’t noticed much weight gain, but I know that will take some time. It also seems like the yeasty smell of her coat that I’ve gotten used to is starting to fade. Maybe, just maybe, my Haley is getting better. Only time will tell.


It is difficult having a dog with allergies, but I don’t consider her special-needs despite the fact that she probably is. I just see her as my baby who needs a little extra attention in the nutrition department. My hope is that this lentils and rice diet will improve her health so that we won’t have to resort to allergy shots. I’ll keep you posted about Haley’s health.


On a lighter note, we might be moving. I’ve decided that the 40 minute drive to work warranted looking into getting a loan to buy a house closer to my job. I’ve talked with a loan officer and I might be qualified for a Rural Development Loan. I’ve glanced at houses in the area and I found one place on nine acres of land–oh the possibilities! I’ve decided that some goats and a Great Pyrenees will have to come live with us. Maybe even a Blue Heeler or two. My dad and I were even discussing that he could live on the land–in his own place of course–and be responsible for keeping the grass down; perhaps he might even pursue his gardening passion.


My husband was dubious at first, but he’s come around. He likes the idea of living in the country. Which is odd because he is a self-proclaimed city boy. Me? I’m a country girl at heart. I don’t consider myself a cowgirl or anything, but I do like certain aspects that go with living in the country like goats, herding dogs, lots of property, and being close to [most] nature. I should know in a couple weeks how things are going to go. For those who are praying people, keep my family in your prayers. For the rest of you keep your fingers crossed.


Until next time, eat like you have all day and then soak up the sun because Spring is almost here!


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