Monthly Archives: May 2014


The first animal that comes to mind that mates for life is the wolf. I know there are several other animals, but I prefer wolves over many other animals, so we’re going to run with wolves, not literally, but that sure would be fun.

The natural wolf pack (not to be confused with zoo packs that consist of many unrelated animals…or at least humans used to put unrelated animals together) are basically like the average family–mom, dad, older brothers and sisters, and the babies. The older siblings hang around for awhile to care for their younger siblingsĀ and eventually go off on their own. They usually find their own mates and start families of their own. In their world, there’s no concept of in-laws.

Yeah, I’m sure you can see where this is going. I generally don’t mind my in-laws, but today their nosiness and critical remarks hit a nerve that has never been hit before, but will remain hurting for quite some time. My husband and I are trying to buy a house. We found one that we liked. Today was the inspection and he invited them to come see the house. At first they said that they were going to be out of town, but they called Justin on our way to the house to tell us that they’re coming to the house. Needless to say I was angry.

Now I have to stop my narrative to explain myself. By the time this week is over, I will have put out almost $1,300 for inspections, the appraisal, earnest money, etc. Though most of this will be given back to me at the end of the month, that still doesn’t make me any happier that money is going out of my account. I’ve also been working until midnight at work, not to mention driving over half an hour after midnight to get home. So my nerves are already shot.

Their arrival was the last straw. I didn’t even go greet them. And as I had expected, they started in on nitpicking everything about the house. I didn’t bother hiding my agitation. I spoke very little to them, and used as many excuses as I could to get away from them and their negative energy. Too late.

I think my mother-in-law tried to make amends, but she then added that we needed to find another house and even suggested another house; a house that I had already ruled out because it was in a flood zone and the house had already had to be fixed due to flooding.

Anyway, due to all of that I’m just a tad cranky right now. Sometimes I wish that I was a lone wolf (figuratively and at times literally). I could go where I wanted and didn’t have to worry about any type of baggage. At the very least, be an actual wolf so I don’t have to deal with in-laws who criticize the den site.

On a positive note, Haley is on a different food and she seems to be doing well on it. Fingers crossed that she’ll stay healthy and happy.

Until next time, howl at the moon, howl at the sirens, howl with your pack, howl by yourself, it’s better to release that howl than keep it all bottled up.