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Scientist at Heart

The perks of being a librarian…unlimited access to information. The downside to being a librarian…unlimited access to information.

Since I work for a university, I have access to our library databases which means that whenever the mood strikes, I can find articles on topics I’m interested in. My topics of focus usually revolved around dogs, writing, hobbies, dogs, Steampunk, and dogs.

I’m obsessed.

I usually print these articles off, save the PDFs to my computer or email them to myself. If I have nothing pressing at work to do, I could spend hours searching for articles, looking at the references of articles so I can find more articles. And for what? Most of the time the printed articles get holes punched into them and are put in a binder for future use. The digital ones are usually left on my computer or in my email for future use. As of yet, I haven’t done anything with these articles.

I do have high hopes for these articles and for my research. I want to write academic papers about some of the stuff I read, or at least a bibliography (maybe even complete with an index so I know if the article is in a binder or on my email). I guess the reason why I haven’t done the former is I don’t really have a narrow topic in mind. Should I do dog behavior? Should I do the relationship between dogs and their owners? Should I write about human behavior at the dog park? There are so many ideas in mind, but I can’t pinpoint just one.

As for the latter, I just haven’t done it yet. Besides, that would be an ongoing project and probably something I’ll have to do on my Google drive so that I can work on it anywhere. APA, MLA, Chicago? Not sure which. As a humanities undergrad, I used MLA. As a grad student, I used Chicago. However, if this article was considered psychology it would be APA. So many decisions!

I should probably start at the beginning. I should list things that I am interested in and then list things within that specific topic.┬áIt’s probably the best place to start…a place I rarely started when I was writing papers for class.

My head is spinning now. I feel a million hands reaching out of my head trying to be the first to grasp a really good idea.

I think I’m over thinking this.

Until next time…no matter if you’re an old dog, new dog, or do in your prime keep learning tricks.