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Puppies are Obnoxious

It’s been a year since I had to deal with the whole puppy thing. I had grown accustomed to having three adult dogs that required little attention or correction. Now that we have Ares, I’m longing for those days again. Ares is obnoxious and since he’s part huge, he’s big and obnoxious and he’s only three and a half months.

This morning, while I was working in the kitchen, Ares and the girls were in the laundry room separated from the kitchen by a baby gate. Ares can climb over it, but I kept telling him to get off of the gate. After each time I told him to get off, he’d moan and then go jump on one of the girls. He’d then get back on the gate, I’d tell him off, and he’d jump on one of the girls. So annoying.

My husband loves the big brat. I like him most of the time. I told my husband that I love Ares when I don’t have to take care of him. In the evenings, when I get home from work and I know that my husband will take care of the puppy’s needs, I love to to cuddle with Ares. See…

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They call me “Big Foot!”

I actually wasn’t asleep in this picture, I just had closed my eyes right before my husband took the picture. It looks sweeter.

Aren’t his paws huge? I calculated that he’ll be around 45 pounds when he’s full grown. I’m skeptical. I feel like he’s going to be bigger than that. We’ll see though.

Now that he’s pushing twenty pounds we need to crack down on the jumping on the girls. He’s almost twice the weight of the smaller ones. For the most part, they stand up for themselves but…I don’t know.

What my husband and I need to do is sit down and agree upon what we’ll tolerate and what we won’t (right now he tolerates things that I refuse to tolerate).

Why, oh why did we get another puppy?!? Every time he bothers one of the girls I feel them asking the same question.

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Since I let him stand next to me, can I have a treat now?

I console myself with the knowledge that if we can survive the terrible puppy stages, we will be rewarded with a wonderful dog when he’s an adult.

I just keep telling myself that.

Keep telling myself that…

Is he an adult yet?

Until next time–and I hope I write again before he is an adult–make sure to act like a puppy if your parents decide to bring one home…it might change their mind, especially if you chew everything in sight.