The Ugly Shih Tzu, or Why Ares’ Nickname is Brutus

Have you seen “The Ugly Dachshund?” If not, it’s about this Great Dane who was nursed by a Dachshund and had Dachshund “sisters” so basically thought he was one. That’s the condensed version…very condensed version. Anyway, the Great Dane’s name was Brutus.

I call Ares Brutus from time to time because he reminds me of Brutus on the movie. Here are all these little dogs, Shih Tzu, and then there’s Ares, the big, clumsy puppy that’s trying to fit in, but doesn’t quite. My husband, like Brutus’ master, absolutely adores him, dotes on him, and is responsible for him. Me, I can’t quite compare myself to the wife in the movie, but I do try to tell my husband that since Ares is going to be so big he shouldn’t treat him like a small dog, i.e. packing him around and allowing him to jump in people’s laps.

I like Ares, but I’ll admit that the newness has worn off and now he’s just obnoxious. He’s almost twenty-five pounds and I think that despite the fact that he’s only four months, we need to lay down the groundwork for when he’s forty, fifty, or even sixty pounds. My husband tells me, “He’s my dog.” So I decided to leave it alone.

On a different subject, my poor baby Haley has broken out again. Have I mentioned before that she’s allergic to fleas? Well she is. One little bite will cause ear infections, her skin turning red, and general discomfort for her. I try to do what I can, but sometimes I feel helpless and other times agitated because I have to watch what she eats. But I love her and I’d do anything for her.

And alas, I’ve realized that I will never be able to keep my Shih Tzus hair long. Haley has the allergies. Molly is my tomboy and loves running around in the rain, tall grass, leaves, etc. Clara, well because she’s a Shih Tzu/Yorkie her hair is…different. It doesn’t get long; it poofs out.

Anyway, such is life.

Apologies for a boring post. I promise a more interesting post when my life becomes more interesting.

Until next time, don’t forget that you’re too big to fit under the bed.


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