Monthly Archives: February 2015

I Am the Worst Dog Mom EVER!

…okay maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but I feel like it.

Haley is having her yearly allergy attack. It starts about the everything pollinates and ends around the time everything dies, so my poor baby is miserable for two seasons. Actually Oklahoma only has one season: Unpredictable, but that’s beside the point.

During this time she suffers from ear infections, hot spots (fortunately none so far), irritated skin, and everything else that goes with dog allergies. I do the best I can. I keep her from laying out in the grass. I bathe her with medicated shampoo. I put drops in her ears. I baby her. I watch what she eats. I watch where she goes. I try to keep her out of high grass. To sum it up, I become a helicopter parent.

During these times she has a bad habit of scratching herself raw. She loses her hair. She gets matted easily because she’s constantly licking.

Today I decided I needed to cut some of these mats off. Mistake #1 – I took up this task shortly before I went to work. Mistake #2 – I used scissors instead of clippers.

Everything was going just fine until I got to her ears. Using my fingers as a guard, I snipped off the mats behind her ears. I had a pretty thick mat (or so I thought), so I just cut it without using my fingers. The mat wasn’t as thick as I thought it was and it turned out that in that mat was the base of her ear. I nicked her ear. She didn’t yelp per say. It was more of the equivalent of a gasp. I realized my mistake and immediately calmed her down (it only took a couple reassuring words) and I checked her ear. There was blood, not a whole lot, but enough to make me feel horrible. Using toilet tissue, I pressed on the blood until it stopped bleeding. I kept apologizing to Haley. The whole while she looked at me as if she understood I was sorry. She kept still and allowed me to tend to her.

My mother said that it probably traumatized me more than Haley.

I hated to leave Haley. All kinds of things ran through my head of what could happen to her: she could bleed out, she could scratch it and it would bleed more, the other girls would smell the blood and turn on her, she’ll hate me forever, she’ll fall asleep and never wake up. I know how preposterous this sounds. I can’t wait to go home for my supper break to check on her.

On the other hand, Ares chose to stay outside today when I left for work. I don’t leave my little girls outside for fear of what could happen, but I had no qualms leaving Ares outside. Probably because he’s bigger. A hawk can’t fly away with a 30-40 pound dog. It makes me feel like a really bad mom when I don’t worry about Ares’ wellbeing, but I’m a worrywart when it comes to the Shih Tzu girls.


Until next time…drop the scissors! Drop them! Good human. Now here’s my head so you can pet it.