Monthly Archives: September 2015

Calm Dogs vs Hyper Dogs

My mom has three wonderful dogters–Ebony (Poodle), Nikki (Lhasa Apso), and Midget (Yorkie). They are a calm bunch of pups. Whenever my mom goes to another room, they follow her and lay down in the room she’s in and go to sleep. If my mom doesn’t leave the room for an extended amount of time the dogs will stay there.

On the other hand, my dogters are the exact opposite. When they’re allowed to run the house it’s like a bunch of Pup5 tornadoes ripping through my house, stealing things, getting into things, chasing each other, growling, barking, jumping around, having a wonderful time. After about twenty minutes, a couple of them drop to the floor to chew on chew bones or to take a nap. Luna and Clara usually are the last two to drop, with Luna outlasting the other three.

I watch my girls and I laugh, or I call my mom and tell her about their latest antics. However, sometimes I wish that I had a calm dog. A dog like my mother’s. A dog that will follow me from room to room, find a nice place to settle down, and stay there. No noise. No barking at me. No demanding things. Just the dog and I enjoying each other’s company.

I’ve contemplated adopting a senior dog. Unfortunately, I’m already over the city limit for dogs. I have four dogs; the law says that a person can only have three fixed dogs (but up to six fixed cats, how is that fair?). Still, I browse nearby animal shelters to see if there is a senior Shih Tzu or Lhasa Apso that needs a home. I keep thinking that maybe I’ll get lucky. Maybe something will be meant to be.

Until the day that I adopt a senior dog, I’ll be more than happy and entertained with my dogters. They’re wonderful girls and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Sorry for such a short post and for the absence of posts in the past. Life happens and then you blog about it.

Until next time, bark like no one can hear you; play as if it is your last time; sleep as if your human is not staring at you constantly taking pictures of you and posting them on Facebook.