Meanwhile, Back in the Craft Room

I’ve lived in my house for over a year now, and I’m just now deciding how to decorate my house. One room is going to be dedicated to my Native American memorabilia. My downstairs bathroom to Paris. The hallway downstairs to Koi. My living room to…well I don’t actually know. I only have a color scheme for it: black, tan, and mahogany probably. My kitchen is going to be black and red and my mom even agreed to do stained glass for my cabinets. The utility room/the dogs’ bedroom will probably not have any decorations. The upstairs will be steampunk.

As for my second bedroom downstairs it will be dedicated to my love of dogs. Yes, I know I’m crazy. Friends have pointed out that my love for my animals is childish and that I’m obsessed. I own it up. After all, I don’t want to be anything else. This is me and if you’re my friend you either need to accept it, have already accepted it, or we don’t need to be friends. I’m not going to conform.

But I digress.

I already have some decorations–old calendars, a picture I picked up at Hobby Lobby, dog toys and figurines that I’ve had for a long time. I’m also making some decorations. I found a cube template online that folds into a paper box (or whatever medium you choose). I made blocks that spelled out “Steampunk” and I enjoyed it so much that wanted to make one that said “I Love My Shih Tzu” with a heart instead of “love.” After a couple weeks of planning, putting things together, watching Netflix, procrastinating, losing hope, wanting to start over, and everything else that goes with the creative process, I finally finished the blocks.

The Shih Tzu that I cut out using my Cricut aren’t perfect and I almost scraped both of them as soon as I finished them as I messed them up, but I put so much work in them and they actually are kind of cute, that I decided to leave them. One of them is modeled after Haley (right) and the other after Nia (left). Eventually I want to create little paper dogs that are modeled after my other three.

So…without further ado, I present my blocks.


The cube pattern came from:

The letters came from:

The Shih Tzu come from the Cricut cartridge Pet Shop.

Anyway, I hope you like.

Until next time take it easy…





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Hi, I'm Siedra. I live in eastern Oklahoma with my six dogs and my rats. I'm a writer, and scrapbooker/mixed media artist. My life revolves around my dogs, so I decided to blog about them and pet parenthood in general. When I'm not working, or writing, or scrapbooking, or hanging out with my dogs, or thinking about any or all of the above, I'm probably asleep. View all posts by Siege

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