Monthly Archives: March 2016

Bathing Dogs, Two Down…

If someone had been around my house yesterday, they would have thought that a tiny puppy was in trouble or that someone was killing a puppy. They would have been wrong. I was simply bathing Nia.

I decided that I’ll spend this week bathing and grooming the dogs. The first to get a bath was Haley. She wasn’t too bad; reluctant, but not bad. She got a bath, a brushing, and a trim. Things went so well that I decided that I’d bathe another dog. I decided on Nia because I didn’t think she’d give me any problems. I was wrong.

As soon as I got her in the tub and turned the water on she started whimpering and crying. Many times she tried to jump out of the tub or climb the walls. Due to that, the bath took longer than it really needed to.

She was more than happy to get out of the tub, but that was before she realized there was more…the blow dryer.

I had her leashed so she wouldn’t escape. She strained at the end of the leash to get away from the blow dryer, calling to anyone and everyone to free her from the torture. Sometimes she’d even climb into my lap, hoping that it would keep her away from the dryer.

Drying took longer than anticipated as well because I stopped frequently to brush her out and talk to her. One thing I have to say about Nia is she loves being brushed. She’s curl up in my lap as I brushed and combed her hair out. Sometimes she’d stretch out so I could really brush her only to resume yelping when the dryer turned back on.

Eventually she got dried and brushed out. She has beautiful hair and oddly enough it doesn’t mat easily. I think I finally have the Shih Tzu that I want–one that I can keep her hair long. I just need to work into my routine to brush her–and the others–every day.

So…two dogs down and three to go. I’m not sure if I have the energy, but the baths must go on. Or at least until I get the other three done. Then that will be that for another two or three weeks.

Well I guess that’s about it. Sorry that this was a boring post. I’m still adjusting to my medicine and I’m a bit sleepy. So, until next time, if someone presents a brush sit in their lap and milk the attention for all its worth.

Small Update on My Health

Hey everyone,

Boy, it has been an eventful past few weeks. By eventful, I mean not so much. I finally got to see a neurologist and I have an EEG scheduled in a couple weeks. Next month at my follow-up I hope to find out what’s been causing my seizures. In the meantime, I’ve been taking anti-seizure medicine. It’s been working. My dizzy spells, my absent seizures, my falling down have pretty much disappeared. The only downside is that my medicine makes me sleepy, which means I sleep most of the day…okay, so that’s not necessarily a terrible downside, but it is if I need to get anything accomplished.

It hasn’t affected my dogs too much, except making them not want to get up in the mornings. They’ve adjusted and if I need to sleep-in, they sleep in too. What has affected them is a part in my fence where the wood has pulled away from the screws leaving a Shih Tzu sized hole that they can squeeze through and get into the neighbor’s backyard. There are two big dogs over there and I only know one of the dogs. The other–an intact male dog–recently arrived and I’m not sure if he’s friendly or not. Also, I’m almost positive that Nia isn’t fixed and the last thing I need is a Pit Bull getting my Shih Tzu pregnant (yep, I’m sure we all thought of some crude jokes right there).

Due to medical bills, I haven’t been able to get Nia an appointment to get fixed, plus I want to make double sure that she isn’t fixed (I’m waiting for her to go into heat) before scheduling an appointment as I would hate to put her through an unnecessary surgery if she’s already been fixed.

Also, is it bad that I want her to go into heat? Call me a bad person, but I want to raise a litter of Shih Tzu puppies. Of course that entails finding a healthy, physically sound male. Also, I have to determine if I even want to breed Nia. She has a super curly tail and I’m afraid that a tail that tightly curled will mean spinal issues in her puppies. Ergo, part of me says to not breed her if I cannot guarantee healthy, physically sound puppies. And what if she only has one or two? I wouldn’t want to get rid of them. I’d want to keep them. Dah, too much to consider. How do [reputable] breeders do this?

Anyway, I just wanted to drop a short update on how we’re doing. I have a couple more blog posts in mind, but I need to be awake long enough to write them.

Until next time, find a nice sunny spot to take a nap.