Day 22: Intelligence 2 Stars?

I went on Vetstreet to see what the site had to say about Chow Chows. I stopped when it said that a Chow’s intelligence was 2 stars. Apparently Chows thinking and problem solving isn’t the greatest. Shih Tzu on the other hand have a 5 star rating. What gets me is that on other sites Shih Tzu aren’t considered intelligent.

Who makes up these tests to judge the intelligence of dogs? Did someone only sample a few dogs and made a general assumption? Perhaps I’m biased, but Buddy and my girls are all intelligent and sometimes I wish they didn’t demonstrate the problem solving abilities. It sure would be easier keeping them in one place.

Sometimes I wonder if people get a dog’s intelligence wrong because they don’t realize that the dog is manipulating them. I know first hand that Shih Tzu will not perform unless there is something in it for them or if they know that they’ll get something whether or not they do the work. I’m not as experienced with Buddy, but if other Spitz breeds are any indication, I’m sure that the Chow Chow falls into this category.

I do understand the need to make these generalizations. It ensures that people get the right dog for their family. Though it makes me wonder if sometimes these generalizations are more harmful than beneficial. Take Pit Bull types for example. Generalizations made about them have caused them to be banned from certain cities, states, counties, and countries.

I wish there was an alternative to the generalization, but there really isn’t one.

Other times I wonder if human interference has helped or harmed “Man’s Best Friend.” I mean, we have breeds that can barely breathe, some that suffer neurological issues, some that are prone to cancer, and so on. I mean, I love my dogs, but honestly only one of them is suited for life without humans. The other five would probably suffer due to their short snouts.

When I get like this I remind myself that I’m thinking too much. It is what it is. The best thing that I can do is make sure that the dogs in my care are taken care of and that they have an excellent quality of life. Not to toot my own horn, but I think they have a great quality of life. In fact, I think they’re a bit spoiled and a bit arrogant.

Buddy believes that the fan that I put in the living room to circulate the air was actually put in there for him. Silly puppy. Or smart puppy. I’m not sure which, but he sure enjoys that fan.


Due to this particular setting on my camera, both fans looks stationary, but the white one was actually running

I think I’m going to try to shut my brain off and just watch some YouTube videos that don’t make me think. In other news, I think the depression tide has gone out which means that I’ll be able to enjoy about a fortnight of good days before the tide comes back in, but I won’t think about the incoming tide. I’m just going to enjoy the good days.

Until next time, stay cool everyone.


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