Day 25: Quiet

There are some evenings that the dogs just don’t want to settle down for bed. Nia whimpers from her crate, Molly gets up on the baby gate begging to get let out, Clara barks at anyone who looks at her strange, the rats bicker in their cage, and Buddy travels between the kitchen and living room feeling like he’s missing out on things.

Then there are evenings like this. Buddy and I had a peaceful walk. It was quiet. Hot, but there was still a nice breeze. There weren’t a whole lot of children at the park, most were teenagers and adults. No screaming kids. It was nice.

Buddy didn’t tug much which meant that I was able to let my mind wander. I thought about this month and how I’m nowhere near where I thought I would be. I thought that this blogging every day and striving to make changes would magically make everything perfect. I don’t know why I thought that, since life really is a work in progress.

However, I do feel like I’m begging to understand myself, my wants, and my needs better. I’m beginning to realize that I don’t have to let myself be bullied into things and not be afraid to be assertive. I’m not there yet, but I know I’ll get there.

Despite all of that, I’m having one of those moments when my life feels pretty good at the moment and I wish I could just freeze this moment indefinitely. It is so nice in my house right now. All the dogs are tired. The temperature is comfortable. I’m in a cozy nightgown.

The only thing that could make this moment any better is food. I don’t know what kind either. I have mini frozen pizzas in the freezer as well as fries and spring rolls. Too many choices!!!! I think I’m going to go for the fries though. Yeah, fries sound good.

Well, I’m going to revel in this moment while eating fries and watching YouTube videos. I hope everyone is having as great of an evening as I am.

Until next time, let’s all groove to Bob Marley’s “Jammin’.”


About Siege

Hi, I'm Siedra. I live in eastern Oklahoma with my six dogs and my rats. I'm a writer, and scrapbooker/mixed media artist. My life revolves around my dogs, so I decided to blog about them and pet parenthood in general. When I'm not working, or writing, or scrapbooking, or hanging out with my dogs, or thinking about any or all of the above, I'm probably asleep. View all posts by Siege

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