Day 29: Feeling Last Night

I slept late today and I couldn’t figure out why I was so tired and I realized that I’m tired today after running after Buddy twice yesterday. So tired…

Tomorrow is going to be tiring again.

Short post tonight. Too tired to write much more.

I did download the wordpress desktop app. This is my first time using it. It seems to be cool. It beats going on the Internet every time, especially since my Internet isn’t always strong enough to support browsing on both computers. Yes, I like to multitask. Often times I’m watching something on YouTube or Netflix on my Desktop and then writing or playing games on my laptop.

Right now, I’m watching Z Nation with my dad. So I’m going to go.

Until next time, get some rest and sleep well.


About Siege

Hi, I'm Siedra. I live in eastern Oklahoma with my six dogs and my rats. I'm a writer, and scrapbooker/mixed media artist. My life revolves around my dogs, so I decided to blog about them and pet parenthood in general. When I'm not working, or writing, or scrapbooking, or hanging out with my dogs, or thinking about any or all of the above, I'm probably asleep. View all posts by Siege

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