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Buddy’s Little Adventure

Yesterday I was bored and wanted to get out of the house so I loaded Buddy in my car and we went to PetSmart. I was apprehensive. Buddy was good in most situations, but I wasn’t sure how he’d handle being with other animals in such a confined place. I kept telling myself to trust my dog. He trusted that I wouldn’t take him anywhere dangerous, so why couldn’t I trust him to behave?

We arrived at PetSmart at the same time a guy arrived with his Great Dane. Though she was huge, I got the impression that she was still young, probably around Buddy’s age. While the guy struggled with walking his dog to the store, I waited and put Buddy in a sit until he calmed down. Only then did we go inside.

I love walking into places with Buddy. There’s a certain awe that happens when he appears. He’s this big, fluffy, teddy bear that no one can resist. To this day I have trouble resisting Buddy even though I live with him.

As we walked down the narrow aisle we walked toward the guy with the Great Dane. He pushed a shopping cart and tried to keep his dog from getting too excited. To keep the two dogs from meeting in an excited state, I did us both a favor and ducked down the leash and collar aisle. Actually, that’s where I needed to be as I wanted to see what size harness to get Buddy. In a few months I plan on teaching Buddy how to pull a wagon and I need to find the right harness for the job.

Buddy sort of allowed me to put the harness on. He made it difficult and made me work for it. The medium harness fit beautiful and I put it away. Two ladies came down the aisle and Buddy had to go greet them. I allowed him and we talked for a little bit about dogs. Then Buddy and I went our way.

The groomers saw Buddy and I talked with them for quite some time. One of the groomers requested that I bring Buddy to her so she could make him look really nice. She gave me the prices: $70-90 depending on the package. A little rich for my blood especially right now. She told me what she’d do to make him look like a bear. Now that she told me, and since I have some of same tools groomers use, I’m going to what she said she was going to do and I don’t have to pay a cent.

If only I had a grooming table though. If only I had a high velocity blow dryer. Oh well, I’ll work with what I have. But I digress.

After paying for three boxes of dog treats, I loaded Buddy up and we went to the dog park. No one was there and I didn’t expect anyone to be. I was glad. That meant that Buddy and I had the park to ourselves. So I let Buddy loose at the park and encouraged him to run and run, and run. He had a lot of fun marking here and there. His tongue hung out the side of his mouth as he ran.

We stayed there about fifteen or twenty minutes and I caught Buddy, led him to the drinking fountain and let him drink. When he was done, we went home. He was exhausted which is how I like my Chow.

At home, he lazed most of the evening. My girls were restless though, probably because of the weather. It took them longer to settle down, but when they did I didn’t hear a peep out of any of the dogs until this morning.

I need to start taking the girls on outings again. I stopped because Luna gets carsick. Once I’ve taught Buddy to pull a wagon, I plan on teaching the girls to ride in it. Wouldn’t that be a sight?

I have to say that Buddy did very well in public. He wanted to play with the other dogs, but he listened to me. He acted very charming. Typical Buddy–ornery when it is just me, but as sweet as he can be when other people are around. That’s my boy!

Until next time, run run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I have four legs and you only have two.

Beware of the Grass Monsters

While pulling weeds, this is what I saw when I turned around.



The Pack (2015)

Not to be confused with the 1977 film by the same name. It sure did confuse it. I’ve watched both films too, but today I review the 2015 creature feature.

The film starts out with an elderly sheep farmer leaving his sleeping wife by the fire to investigate why the sheep are having a fit. He barely gets in the door before someone attacks and kills him. Hearing him shouting, wakes the wife and with a flashlight she too goes to investigate, calling her husband’s name as she goes. She’s also attacked and killed.

Dawn finds us at a new location where a struggling sheep farming family lives. While the husband goes to investigate, collect, and burn the dead carcasses of his sheep, the son is seen hoarding two shotgun shells that he keeps in a rusty candy tin. His mom calls him to help her in her vet clinic where she examines an adorable dog. The dog’s heart rate is up, but everything else is normal. The son puts the dog in the kennel and checks on “Fuzball” a cantankerous cat that gives the audience a fake jumpscare. “Stupid cat,” the boy said. As the boy leaves, he grabs some urine samples that his mom told him to take. Also, the mom turns off the radio right after hearing about the elderly couple’s death.

A banker stops by the house and after being offered tea, requests milk for his tea and the mom fetches the milk after glancing at the urine samples in their refrigerator. Honestly, I thought she was going to use one in the milk. She didn’t. How civil.

Down to business, the banker proceeds to tell the farmer and his wife about all of their late payments, which have all been paid. This bit of dialogue is only there to help the audience understand that the family is struggling financially. The banker gives them two options: foreclosure or a $200,000 buyout which meant the family would have enough money to move, find a new place, and still have a little nest egg. The father declines the offer for selling, but their seventeen year old daughter wants them to take it. The father kicks the banker out and assures his family that they will not move.

At this point I’m feeling a bit sorry for the family. They know they’re struggling, but they have to do what the patriarch says. So, they reluctantly go along with his foolish plan to keep the house rather than take the money and run. Please note, that the father gave no explanation as to why they were keeping the property (i.e. the property had been in his family for centuries, their stillborn infant was buried on the property, they had a secret stash of money buried there). Basically, I’m saying that there was nothing there to warrant staying especially when they were offered enough money to start over.

Anyway, the banker too is killed. We see a pack of five or six black German Shepherd type dogs attacking him, with one–I’m assuming the alpha–watching over them. It’s these dogs that terrorize the family all night.

I won’t spoil anymore of the movie for you just in case you want to watch it (it’s available on Netflix). However, I will say that the urine samples and the bullets make an appearance later on in the movie with one of the items being more helpful than the other. I’m sure you can figure out which one.

My overall review is 3/5 stars. It was relatively realistic, but so realistic to the point that it felt like the boring day-to-day life of an average farmer/family. I wasn’t invested in the family. The only one I cared about was Ollie, the family’s Border Collie type dog. Spoiler: He survives, but is absent throughout most of the action.

I do have to admit that I loved how well these dogs were trained in the film. However, the good training sometimes came off as robotic and unnatural especially in cases where someone would walk right by the dog and the dog wouldn’t seem to notice them until they had passed by and gotten into a safe spot. Any dog over knows that sneaking past a dog is impossible unless the dog is deaf (and even then it might be difficult) or occupied with say a peanut butter filled Kong.

These supposed feral dogs had a strange intelligence and were unnaturally strong. A stabbed dog is going to yelp and isn’t going to jump out a window. These dogs also were strong/smart enough to ram through doors and windows to get to this family. I wouldn’t have questioned this had there been some kind of explanation for their intelligence. There wasn’t. The dogs were just eerily smart.

I wish there had been more of a struggle to survive. Yeah, these dogs were strong, fast, smart, patient, etc., but there was no feeling that this family was actually in any danger. Quite frankly, they would have never have needed to leave the house had they practiced some common sense (lock the doors, find a safe room that they can barricade and defend, and wait for morning to come). Nope, they needlessly put themselves in danger.

Also, they never mentioned their money problems again. If I was them, at the end of the movie I would have said, “Those dogs were crazy, let’s let the bank have the place and we start over. Let someone else deal with these murderous beasts.” So I guess the movie wasn’t that  realistic.

Oh well.

Despite my rating, I think it was an entertaining movie to watch and I recommend it. If you do watch or have watched the movie, let me know what you thought of it.

Until next time, if the person on the radio says that there are dangerous dogs/people in the area, fortify your house and no matter what don’t leave the house at night!


It rained today which created a relief from all of the heat. Since it was nice outside and since Buddy hasn’t been on a walk for two or three days, I decided to take him for an extra special walk today: one that was long and during the day. I didn’t realize that it would be extra special for me too.

It started out normal enough. Buddy dragged me out of the house, I popped ear buds into my ears, and we started walking. Buddy sniffed at this and that, stopping to mark various things and I followed behind, allowing him to drag me and in turn dragging him when he fell behind. There was also a nice breeze. The perfect day.

We reached the park and started a slow walk around it. I allowed Buddy to do his thing since we didn’t have any time constraint or anything. He chased a squirrell and barked at another dog. I enjoyed my music.

We walked around the park and then we started to go, then started home. A car pulling in caught my attention. Normally I care very little about people coming and going, but there was something about this car…about the person that got out of the car. I had to get a closer look, so I allowed Buddy to lead me back into the park.

We walked slowly. I let Buddy be a dog. I let him lead me in the direction of the gentleman and the children with him. One was a little girl. He was pushing her on the swing. Buddy went toward them as I suspected he’d do as Buddy loves children.

The gentleman recognized him as a Chow. I’m always pleased when someone knows what he is. Oddly enough, most people who know what a Chow is are also people who have owned Chows in the past. He wasn’t any exception. He owned a red Chow. I think he said the dog’s name was King. He nicknamed Buddy “Mufasa.”

The little girl saw Buddy and immediatly wanted to play with him. He took her out of the swing and she came over to me requesting to walk Buddy. Then she demonstrated her alpha femaleness and took Buddy’s leash. Buddy took this all in stride.

So for the next thirty or forty-five minutes, we–the teen boys, the gentleman, and I–ran alongside the girl (she was 4) and Buddy. If Buddy started trotting faster than her little legs could carry her, I’d trot beside him and slow him down a bit. Eventually, Buddy and the little girl deveopled a rhythm that I can only describe as beautiful. Yeah, he’d still be rambunctious sometimes, but most of the time all she had to do was give the leash a tug and he’s slow down for her.

All the while the gentleman–possibly her father or possibly her grandfather I never asked–took pictures of her. This was the first time she’d ever walked a dog. I was impressed. This girl was a natural. I told her so. I made sure that I encouraged her. I gave her instructions and she was a good student and Buddy, well he seemed willing to please.

Eventually we had to part ways. The genleman had some errands to run. The girl wanted to keep Buddy. She assurred me that she’d take good care of him and that she’d never let go of him. I was touched. If I was in an emotional mood I probably would have cried because it was beautiful.

I allowed her to walk Buddy to their car. Seeing the open doors Buddy wanted to jump in the car and go with them. She was reluctant to let Buddy go. The gentleman put her in the car, thanked me for letting her play with Buddy, and got in the car. Buddy and I walked home.

I’m sure the little girl cried. It crossed my mind to give them my number just in case the little girl wanted to play with Buddy again. I never acted upon it. Who knows, if it is meant to be maybe we’ll meet again. Maybe our paths will cross again like they crossed today.

I don’t know what causes me to act on some impulses and not on others. This is the second time that Buddy’s presence has caused me to do something out of the ordinary and I was rewarded with a brief, but important, connection that gave me a glimpse of what I’d love to do.

I’ve decided that I’m going to train up Buddy over the next year and after his second birthday, if he hasn’t developed the over-protective nature that Chows are known for, I’m going to get him qualified as a therapy dog. With the way Buddy is with children, I feel like he could do some good in this world. I feel like he came into my life, not just to help me, but to help the people that I come in contact with.

We’ll see what the future holds for Buddy and for myself. I do know one thing, Buddy and I are in for more adventures in the future and I’m glad that I have people to share those adventures with.

Until next time, if you feel compelled to do something that you normally wouldn’t do maybe try doing it. You never know what kind of connection you could make.

Paw of Thrones

Today on Paw of Thrones…

With Princess Haley on the mend, Queen Siedra has insisted that Haley spend more time with the younger princess and the young prince to return order to the royal puppies as Princess Nia has taken the absence of Princess Haley as an opportunity to dominate over her younger siblings.

Over the past month, Princess Nia–using Prince Buddy as her henchpup–has terrorized Princess Luna to the point that anytime Prince Buddy is around, Princess Luna yelps and cries even if Prince Buddy isn’t even looking at her.

Oddly enough, these events only happen when Queen Siedra is present and our beloved queen is questioning why? Is Princess Luna seeking attention by provoking Prince Buddy? Is Princess Nia trying to impress the queen in order to be considered the heir to the pupdom instead of Princess Haley? Possibly yes to the first, but most likely not to the second. Princess Haley keeps all of her younger siblings in check and Princess Nia respects her older sister as she knows that Princess Haley could easily beat her up, sending Princess  Nia to the bottom of the heirarchy.

As for Prince Buddy, he’s searching for a place in the family. Being the only male in this matriarchial family has been an adjustment for him. Princess Nia took him in under her paw and her percieved kindness has created a bond between the two royal pups, making Buddy willing to do Nia’s bidding, even if it means tormenting his older, but smaller, siblings. To him it’s all a game. To Princess Nia it is all part of her plan of keeping her younger siblings down.

Queen Siedra has decided that enough is enough and bonds must be broken. Today, she started the process of breaking the bond between Princess Nia and Prince Buddy, and forming a new bond between Princess Luna and Prince Buddy by making sure that Princess Nia spends as little time with Prince Buddy when not under the watchful eye of Princess Haley or the queen herself.

Since Prince Buddy is still young and impressionable, the queen has decided that Princess Luna will start joining the queen and the prince on their royal evening walk so that the prince will associate Princess Luna with good things happening. It is the queen’s hope that this little shift will knock Princess Nia off of whatever pedestal she put herself on and make her realize that she cannot use her brother as an instrument.

It is also the queen’s hope that this shift does not backfire and create a strong bond between Prince Buddy and Princess Luna enabling Princess Luna to assume Princess Nia’s tryanical reign. Fortunately, the Prince Buddy respects Princess Molly and the queen knows that Molly is safe. As for tiny Princess Clara, she mostly ignores Prince Buddy and makes sure she doesn’t have to interact with him on a regular basis. However, Princess Nia could be in danger if Princess Luna decides to enact revenge. This would mean that Prince Buddy will be caught between his two sisters who will probably use him as pawn in their grudge match.

If this happens, Queen Siedra will be forced to show the puppies that there is only one ruler in this pawdom and until they realize this: treats will be withheld.

Until next time…what well known (or not so well known) TV show is your family a spoof of?

SIDENOTE: I’ve never actually seen or read Game of Thrones, but I do know a little bit about it. I figured that it would be fun to do my own little spoof of it. Hope you liked it.

July 4

Happy 4th of July to my American friends. I hope all of you have had a great day and have had a great weekend. Hope you’re staying safe.

Right now fireworks are exploding all around me. I cut Buddy’s walk short because some kids were setting off sparklers and I wasn’t sure how Buddy would react so I didn’t  chance it. Good thing too because my mp3 player died as we were getting back to the house.

It was my intention to take pictures of the fireworks, but that was when I thought I’d be able to see them from my front porch. That wasn’t the case today.

That’s pretty much it. So I’m going to bid everyone goodnight.

Until next time, enjoy the snap, crackle and pop of the fireworks.


Day 30

It has been 30 days since I started this monthly writing project and quite frankly it’s been difficult trying to come up with something to write every day, but I do have to say it has been a learning experience.

It has also been a month since I got Buddy. This too has been a learning experience, but I can’t imagine my life without him now.

I am going to continue writing multiple times a week, but I don’t necessarily know if it will remain every day. It will most likely be three times a week, that way I can have more quality posts.

I’m not any closer to recovery, but I didn’t expect to. I am glad that I tried this though. It has helped me evaluate where I am in life.

31 days until I’m 30!

My dad is still here and we’re having our father-daughter bonding time watching Z Nation. He’ll be leaving in the morning then I’ll be by myself. Not that it’s a bad thing. I don’t mind being on my own. In fact I prefer it.

I’ll probably do some scrapbooking this weekend. I plan on making a mini album to fit in my purse. In this mini album I would put pictures of my dogs. Yeah, I have pictures of them on my phone, but I don’t always like letting people look at pictures on my phone especially since I might have pictures on there I don’t want them to see (i.e. pictures of celebrities that I find attractive or pictures of things I’d like to buy). It would just be easier to have an album with pictures of them in it. I guess I’m a bit old-school in that respect.

When I finish the album I’ll post pictures of it. Also, sometime in the near future (probably August or September) I’m going to start a companion blog to this one that will feature all of my paper crafting projects. It will most likely be a picture blog. So keep an eye out for that announcement.

Well that’s about it. Until next time, eat, sleep, and be fluffy.