Paw of Thrones

Today on Paw of Thrones…

With Princess Haley on the mend, Queen Siedra has insisted that Haley spend more time with the younger princess and the young prince to return order to the royal puppies as Princess Nia has taken the absence of Princess Haley as an opportunity to dominate over her younger siblings.

Over the past month, Princess Nia–using Prince Buddy as her henchpup–has terrorized Princess Luna to the point that anytime Prince Buddy is around, Princess Luna yelps and cries even if Prince Buddy isn’t even looking at her.

Oddly enough, these events only happen when Queen Siedra is present and our beloved queen is questioning why? Is Princess Luna seeking attention by provoking Prince Buddy? Is Princess Nia trying to impress the queen in order to be considered the heir to the pupdom instead of Princess Haley? Possibly yes to the first, but most likely not to the second. Princess Haley keeps all of her younger siblings in check and Princess Nia respects her older sister as she knows that Princess Haley could easily beat her up, sending Princess  Nia to the bottom of the heirarchy.

As for Prince Buddy, he’s searching for a place in the family. Being the only male in this matriarchial family has been an adjustment for him. Princess Nia took him in under her paw and her percieved kindness has created a bond between the two royal pups, making Buddy willing to do Nia’s bidding, even if it means tormenting his older, but smaller, siblings. To him it’s all a game. To Princess Nia it is all part of her plan of keeping her younger siblings down.

Queen Siedra has decided that enough is enough and bonds must be broken. Today, she started the process of breaking the bond between Princess Nia and Prince Buddy, and forming a new bond between Princess Luna and Prince Buddy by making sure that Princess Nia spends as little time with Prince Buddy when not under the watchful eye of Princess Haley or the queen herself.

Since Prince Buddy is still young and impressionable, the queen has decided that Princess Luna will start joining the queen and the prince on their royal evening walk so that the prince will associate Princess Luna with good things happening. It is the queen’s hope that this little shift will knock Princess Nia off of whatever pedestal she put herself on and make her realize that she cannot use her brother as an instrument.

It is also the queen’s hope that this shift does not backfire and create a strong bond between Prince Buddy and Princess Luna enabling Princess Luna to assume Princess Nia’s tryanical reign. Fortunately, the Prince Buddy respects Princess Molly and the queen knows that Molly is safe. As for tiny Princess Clara, she mostly ignores Prince Buddy and makes sure she doesn’t have to interact with him on a regular basis. However, Princess Nia could be in danger if Princess Luna decides to enact revenge. This would mean that Prince Buddy will be caught between his two sisters who will probably use him as pawn in their grudge match.

If this happens, Queen Siedra will be forced to show the puppies that there is only one ruler in this pawdom and until they realize this: treats will be withheld.

Until next time…what well known (or not so well known) TV show is your family a spoof of?

SIDENOTE: I’ve never actually seen or read Game of Thrones, but I do know a little bit about it. I figured that it would be fun to do my own little spoof of it. Hope you liked it.


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