Monthly Archives: November 2018

Everyone’s Dog is…

younger, better trained, better groomed, has better breath/teeth/color, smarter, etc than my dogs. Or that’s how it seems sometimes. I look at my dogs and think if only I did [insert task here] my dogs, then I will be the perfect dog owner. Or I do so and so my dogs will be happy. As I write this, I feel like I’ve discussed this on one or more occasions.

Truth be known, my dogs’ quirks (minus the health related things) don’t bother me. However, I’m concerned that my dogs’ behavior will reflect on my parenting style. After all, as much as I hate to admit it, I judge people based on their dog’s behavior. I don’t mean to, but I do. Dogs that are like little soldiers, listening to their owner’s every command belong to owners who have put the time to train their dog. Flippant dogs means their owners haven’t been training them. I realize that some behavior is due to the owners, but there are also behaviors that depend on the breed or personality of the dog. Some breeds/dogs are easier to train than others. Anyone who had owned dogs knows that.

Maybe owners are a reflection of their dogs rather than the other way around…

Then again, if that were the case I’d be aloof, sometimes hyper-active, stubborn, only like a certain amount of affection. Oh wait, I am like that. So am I reflection of my dogs or are my dogs a reflection of me? I think both are the correct. Every successful relationship involves adaptation on both sides. I exhibit a certain behavior and the dogs adapt accordingly and vice versa. It’s a full circle.

In conclusion (like I’m writing a paper for school) I should stop comparing my dogs to others’ dogs. At the end of the day, I don’t have to live with their dogs (thank goodness!). I only have to live with mine, and if I’m okay with how they act, then that’s all that matters…right?

Until next time, that dog in the mirror is real, even though it isn’t behind the mirror, it is real. I just know it!