Monthly Archives: December 2018

Nothing to Write Home About

Dear (Insert Your Name Here),

I know I haven’t written in quite some time, but there is a reason: there just hasn’t been anything to write about. My life has gotten dull and quiet. It’s great. No drama, few tears, etc. but for the most part, uneventful. I’ll just tell you how everyone is doing.

Haley is doing well. I need to give her a bath, shave her, and restart her medication routine (ear drops and allergy medicine). She spends most of her days sleeping and glaring at anyone who dares to put her outside. Lately, I’ve been letting my boyfriend handle her so she won’t resent me. She grudging likes him (and me to be honest). One time he was working in Texas for a week and when he got home she was excited to see him and begged for his attention. I see how it is Haley.

Molly is being herself. Stubborn. We recently put up a baby gate that swings so we don’t have to step over the tension baby gates. Only problem is since it is an actual baby gate, the spaces are wide enough for a small dog to squeeze herself through the bars and Molly has learned to do that. Many times she’s greeted me at the front door and ran back and forth between me and the utility room. She’s usually thirsty and lonely. Well Molly, if you would stay in the back, you wouldn’t be thirsty and lonely.

Luna is part spring, I just know it. Her hobbies include jumping, running, and barking–sometimes all three at the same time. If she didn’t get carsick, I would love to teach her agility and take her to events. She’s be great at it. I talked to the vet and he said that the best way to get rid of her carsickness is to take her in the car more often. Really? No medication? At least some peppermint tablets. Oh well, I have some peppermint essential oil. I can give her that. Maybe, just maybe, Luna, you’ll get to ride in the car one day without vomiting.

Clara tries to use her cuteness to get her way. If she doesn’t want to go outside, she looks adorable and rolls over on her back. “See how cute I am.” It doesn’t work. Some people would say that she’s submitting to me. No, that’s just how my dogs tell me that if you want me to do something, then you’ll have to make me. Clara is also bossy. She and Luna have barking matches. It’s fun for them, but annoying for the humans. I took Clara and Molly to PetSmart a few weeks back. Everyone exclaimed over how fluffy Clara was. Yes, admire my dog, love my dog, give into the cuteness. Clara, you’re going to take over the world one day.

Take all of my girls’ little quirks and put them into a fifty pound Chow and that explains Buddy. He’s watched his sisters and he’s picked up on many of their behaviors. He jumps like Luna (a scary sight even for me). He loves to run and play chase (Luna). He plays with toys (Molly). He rolls on his back when he doesn’t want to do something (Clara and Haley). He recently got fixed. I thought it would calm him down some and it did to a certain extent, but he also seems a lot more playful. Sounds great, right? Not when you have a fifty-some odd pound bear-dog barrelling at you full speed. Buddy, thanks for looking out for your sisters, the house, and me, but stop batting me with that large paw of yours!

I don’t remember if I told you about Scarlet. If I haven’t, Scarlet was a dog my boyfriend and I adopted to be a companion to Buddy. She and Buddy didn’t get along and she started acting like Luna. A twenty-pound Luna. My boyfriend’s family took her in for a week to see if she would fit in with the family. His mom fell in love with her. Scarlet has calmed down thanks to the resident Boston Terrier Gracie, who makes sure Scarlet minds. Scarlet, I’m proud of the dog you’ve become. Good job Gracie.

What about me, you might be asking. I’m doing okay. I’ve calmed down quite a bit since I got on the correct medications. I have fewer anxiety attacks and my manic and depressed episodes and the ones I do have aren’t as severe. I’m enjoying my job at the newspaper. Soon I’ll be getting married. By soon, I mean sometime in the near future, but no date has been set. Everything is fine in my life. Oh, I have a new car (2016 Honda CR-V, my dream car) and new furniture. I’m finally adulting!

So, that’s the update on my life. I told you it wasn’t that interesting. I’ll try to write more, but I can’t guarantee. Maybe next time I write it will be worth writing home about.

So, until next time remember that being a dog is a lot more fun than being an adult.



P.S. Happy New Year!