Origins: Clara pt 1

Molly was about ten months old when a friend of a co-worker contacter her and asked if anyone wanted a Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix puppy. He had two little puppies (both female) and he wanted to find them homes before his children bonded with them. I quickly agreed to take one. I agreed to meet him on Sunday. I don’t remember what day it was, but probably about a Tuesday or Wednesday.

Prior to the arrival of the puppy, I got food dishes and a rhinestone collar. I thought about names, but decided that I’d wait until I got her to choose her name. I was restless.

Sunday finally came and I scooped up Haley and we went to go pick up the puppy. We reached the gas station before the man got there and waited. He arrived.

I thought I was going to choose between the two puppies, but instead he handed me this little ball of fluff. I was in love. This was my new baby and I couldn’t have been happier. Haley sniffed at the puppy and accepted her. We drove home.

I don’t recall how Molly acted when the puppy got there. She probably was excited and tried to play with her. I don’t know if the puppy played with her or not. I just know that they were in a playpen together.

I settled on the name Clara because if I had a daughter I’d name her Cora. I didn’t want to call her Cora in the unlikely event that I’d have a baby girl. So Clara it was.

We’d been puppy sitting mother’s Poodle mix, Ebony, and that evening, mother came in picked her up. She wanted to take sleepy, calm Clara home with her. I wouldn’t let her.

That evening and the next day Clara was a sweet puppy. She was quiet. I once put her on my desk while I was working at my computer and she fell asleep. I have a picture of that somewhere.

Then it happened. Clara was no longer the sweet, quiet puppy I brought home. Instead she was a tiny ball of energy, my “wild child.” She didn’t slow down except to sleep.

Sometime later, I had to send all of my dogs to stay with my mom for a spell. Clara lived up to her nickname “Wild Child” and earned a new nickname, “Baby Piranha” because she snatched food and dove into her bowl and didn’t come back up until it was empty. She also learned how to open the container her food was in and one evening Clara, Ebony, Molly, and Haley got into the food and ate every piece (it was probably close to a couple week’s worth of puppy food). Their little sides stuck out and they waddled around the house for the next twenty-four hours. Served them right.

Clara and Ebony loved to play together. They’d chase each other, then Clara would slide under one of the kitchen chairs. Ebony would get upset and “tell” my mom about how Clara was playing unfair.

Clara was the baby of the family for a couple years. The older girls allowed her to get away with things that they wouldn’t allow each other to get away with. Clara was doted on and thrived under the love and affection that her sisters and I gave her.

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