Origins: Clara pt 2

Then Luna came along. Clara didn’t care for Luna at first. Later I learned that Clara doesn’t like any new dog that dares to darken the door of her house and interrupt her life of love and devotion. Life needed to revolve around Clara and only Clara.

Eventually, Clara and Luna became friends, best friends even. Well, they had, and still have, a love-hate relationship. They play together, but will also bicker with each other. They have barking competitions that can get out of hand if it isn’t handled within the first two barks.

Clara was fearless…at least that was before Nia decided to take a disliking to her. Nia was a Shih Tzu that I had adopted. She was full of nervous energy, had an unhealthy obsession with toys, and in general, there was something wrong with her. I was her third owner and that may have had something to do with it.

Clara and Nia lived together for a year or so until one winter Nia began attacking Clara. I’m sure there was a reason, but it didn’t seem like it. It wasn’t all the time at first. They’d be fine and then Nia would attack her and that prompted Luna to attack her as well. I don’t know how many fights I broke up. Fortunately for Clara, she was able to defend herself and sometimes Nia was worse off than Clara. Even still, anytime she even smelled Nia Clara would shake. After several months of trying to get to the root of the problem and rekindle their friendship, I had to give Nia away as it was obvious she was trying to kill Clara.

She was no longer as confident as she had been, but with Nia gone, Clara resumed her wild, piranha ways. She made sure that Luna knew her place. She was Haley’s little protege. Haley would lay in one chair on the patio and Clara claimed the other. From time to time she allowed a sister to share her throne.

Sometime before Nia took a disliking to Clara, Buddy joined the family. As always, Clara didn’t like him. He was bigger than the other dogs and played rough. One swipe of the paw and the girls would get knocked over. Eventually, he learned that the only way the girls would play with him was if he laid down on the ground. The girls warmed up to him and they enjoyed greeting him with a nose touch.

Clara hasn’t slowed down and she’ll be six this year. She’s still a wild child and a “baby piranha.” She and Buddy haven’t gotten along much lately. He’s so active and he still hasn’t realized that his playful gestures are not as playful as he thinks when it comes to the little dogs. He would never intentionally hurt her though and when he’s not hyper, Clara still greets him with a nose touch.

She didn’t like Scarlet (and I don’t blame her there) and she’s still not sure what to do with Eevee. I’m sure they’re going to learn to get along; they’re about the same size and have the same energy level. We’ll see…

Until next time, bask in the glow of your mom and siblings’ attention.

P.S. Scarlet is doing well at her new home. I see her a couple of times a month when I visit my boyfriend’s mom. She’s getting fat, though. The older dog, Gracie, doesn’t like Scarlet getting all of the food and tries to hoard it. Needless to say, she’s fat too. They both need some extra exercise. Still, Scarlet is happy where she is. I can see it in her face and I can see that my boyfriend’s mom really enjoys her. I feel bad that it didn’t work out with my family, but I’m glad that she found a great home. Perhaps, just perhaps, this was how it was supposed to be…

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