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Origins: Eevee

Eevee was an “accident.” I know, how can a puppy be an accident? Well, here’s the story. I had been talking to my coworker about getting a puppy. I casually looked around, but I wasn’t looking for anything in a serious sense. I was planning on fostering a young dog, but that didn’t pan out. I decided that I’d stick to five dogs.

Then my coworker asked me about a puppy. Had I gotten a puppy or something like that. I said no and then immediately started looking for one. So, that’s why I said Eevee was an accident. She wasn’t planned. I blinked and she was there.

That’s the overview of the story. Here’s how it happened. I was browsing dog classifieds, specifically Shih Tzu or Shih Tzu mix dogs. I came across an ad of Shih Tzu Border Collie puppies. I clicked on it and was greeted with a black and white puppy that looked like a Border Collie with the silky Shih Tzu hair. I fell in love with that puppy and the next one. The third didn’t look like a Shih Tzu Border Collie mix, or even one or the other. He looked like he might be a Pit, with his sandy coat and beautiful, sandy eyes. The fourth looked much like the first two. Then there was the fifth one. It looked weird compared to its siblings. It had cherry eye, white paws and belly, a dark face, long ears, and a brindle back and legs. It was a funny looking puppy to say the least.

I contacted the people to see if they had a female left. We texted back and forth about price and the puppy pack. They also sent me a picture of the puppy. Guess what? It was of the funny looking puppy. I was already committed to getting a puppy and I didn’t want to back out. I sucked it up and decided to get the funny looking puppy.

It was a two hour trip to pick her up (in hindsight, I could have let them deliver her, but I didn’t). We waited in Dairy Queen, BF ate while I anxiously kept looking at my phone. I couldn’t sit still much longer and went outside to sit in the car. Dairy Queen closed around the time they arrived. It was cold outside and they pulled a tiny puppy out of the car. She had just had a bath so she was shivering (I later learned she has a thick coat that doesn’t like to dry). BF tucked her in his coat until we got her crate situated. We put her in the nice warm car, I filled out a contract, handed over the cash, got her vaccination records and headed home. We got back late, situated the puppy and the adult dogs, and went to bed.

She slept all night in her crate. She didn’t wake up until the next morning. I realized that they had done a lot of training before she came to my house. She was a good puppy. The best puppy in the world.

We named her Eevee after the Pokemon. We figured that since there is a Pokemon with my name–Seadra the Seahorse (although my name is spelled differently it’s pronounced the same)–that she should have a Pokemon name as well.

We took her to visit my mom and on the way there, I decided that she’d stay with my mom for a spell so Eevee could get her next round of puppy shots. She got carsick on the way to my mom’s house and when we got there she had to have an emergency bath. That was when I realized that her coat doesn’t dry easily. We spent the afternoon with my mom and left Eevee there.

My mom enjoyed her company, taking her to the vet and confirming that she had Cherry Eye, but it was cosmetic. I decided to have it removed and she stayed another week with my mom.

In that time she came into herself. She found her voice. She showed her stubborn side. She demonstrated that she was determined and when she had her mind made up, it was difficult to change it. If you didn’t want her to have it, then she wanted it even more.

When we picked her up, she had a cone on her head. I exchanged it for a soft cone and we took her home. The cone did little to stop her. She was in love with life and she felt no shame wearing the cone. She didn’t want to hold still for anything, let alone eye drops.

I kept her separate from the adult dogs most of the time, but I let her play with the girls after her cone came off. They didn’t mind her much, except Clara. Clara hated her (and still does). Buddy was curious about her, but she was too new and he got too excited, so they only saw each other with a gate between them.

I thought life would be difficult with a puppy and it was for a few days, but once I got into the swing of things, it wasn’t that hard to add another dog to my routine. She just melded into our life and it felt like she’d been with us forever.

I think of how I thought she was the weirdest puppy out of all of them; how I felt like she was the reject puppy. I’m glad I didn’t let all of that deter me from getting her. Now, I look back on the pictures of her siblings and I think she’d the cutest one out of the bunch. Biased, I know.

She’s now had her last round of puppy shots and her rabies shot. When she gets too annoying, she gets put in the room with the adult girls. Last week, Eevee and Buddy got to interact with each other without a gate between them. He was gentle with her and she didn’t seem to mind him much. I like to think that when she’d reached her adult size (somewhere between 15-20 pounds) that she and Buddy will be friends.

So that’s the story of Eevee and this is the last story in my origins series. I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. Now I have to come up with something new to write. Maybe I can come up with another series. I haven’t thought that far ahead though.

Until next time, don’t take no for an answer and continue to pursue whatever they’re trying to take from you.

Origins: Buddy

I wanted a bigger dog. I can’t remember why. I just knew I wanted one. Besides, I lived one block from a sketchy area and I lived alone. So I went in search of a bigger dog.

I thought about getting a Lab, but I quickly dismissed that. I have nothing against Labs, but a friend of the family had a Lab and he was annoying and was needy even for a Lab. I had a group of independent girls so a needy dog wouldn’t fit in.

I saw several dogs that had potential, even a couple that I contacted the people about. If I remember correctly, one dog was already adopted and the other the guy never got back to me (he texted me after I had gotten Buddy). So, I shrugged my shoulders and moved on.

Then I saw the heading “Free Chow.” A free Chow? That was unheard of. Chows, though not expensive, are not necessarily cheap, especially if you want one with good, non-aggressive bloodlines. Surely it wasn’t going to be available. I contacted her anyway. The dog was available and we arranged a time to pick him up.

A bit later, I got a text from her telling me that I had to pick up the dog that day or her husband was going to take him to the pound the next day. There was nothing wrong with him, he was just a handful for the woman’s sister and she couldn’t keep him anymore and gave it to the woman to find a home for. I grabbed Haley and we made the hour drive to the City.

His name was Ferguson. Haley didn’t seem particularly interested in him and he sniffed at her, but didn’t find her particularly interesting. That was a good sign. It showed that there was no fear or aggression. I agreed to take him, got him in my car, and then we drove back to my house.

When I got the dogs out of the car, I didn’t grab his leash expecting him to follow me. He didn’t. He took off down the street and an hour long search later, a lady came by and told me where he was. I retrieved my dog and took him home.

I don’t recall what Luna, Nia, and Molly reacted to him. However, Clara didn’t like him. She was the baby (and the smallest) of the family and here I was bringing in this year old dog. She ignored him for the first couple weeks.

I’ll admit that for the first few days I was petrified of Buddy (he got that name because I couldn’t think of anything else to name him). I had grown up being told how mean Chows were. They were sweet for the first two years and then became mean to anyone who wasn’t their chosen person. I hesitated to touch him, let alone grab his collar.

Then I told myself that this was my dog and he needed to learn to respect me. When I made up my mind, I learned that Buddy had a sweet disposition. He wasn’t aggressive to most people though he wasn’t fond of my sketchy neighbors (they may or may not have been drug dealers). He had a soft spot for children and also had a sense of humor, kicking dirt on people to mark his territory (or just for the fun of it).

My mom and dad were cautious around him at first. My mom still isn’t 100% trusting of him, but she had a bad experience with a Chow mix we had when I was a child. As for my dad, he fell in love with Buddy. He realized that a properly socialized Chow is not the menacing dog that people remembered from their childhood. He was also glad that I had gotten Buddy because he didn’t like the idea that I lived alone in my big house.

When I’d sit at my computer, Buddy would lay nearby, keeping himself between me and the door. I felt safe with Buddy. However, I couldn’t take him outside off leash, he’d take off and I’d have to run him down.

It’s been almost three years since I brought Buddy home and I can’t imagine life without him. He annoys me sometimes, but he’s my dog. He allows me to do almost anything to him. I can take his food bowl away from him, take things out of his mouth, pet his paws, and many other things. The only thing I can’t get him to do is take a flea and tick pill. He just won’t eat it, or anything not in his usual diet. I call him a food snob.

BF and Buddy get along well too. Though Buddy isn’t as loyal to him as he is to me, he does care about BF which is wonderful and good news to me.

Speaking of that, whenever I would meet a potential guy, I’d always introduce them to Buddy first. If Buddy seemed to like them, I’d give them a chance. There were some guys he wasn’t fond of (ie friends of the sketchy neighbor who also may or may not be drug dealers/users) and I gradually stopped hanging out with them. Not that I really enjoyed hanging out with them, they were just people to talk to. But I digress.

I thought about breeding Buddy, but I didn’t want the hassle (and couldn’t afford the shots, testing to make sure they didn’t have any diseases, socializing puppies, etc). So I got Buddy fixed.

I was told that he’d calm down. He didn’t. I think he has more energy than he did before he got fixed. It’s a blessing and a curse…more curse than blessing. Though the girls think it is a curse.

Yesterday, Buddy got to meet the new puppy without a gate between them. He was gentle with her, sniffing her and allowing her to sniff his face. She wagged her tail at him. He got a little rough in play, but I backed him off telling him to play gently. I think that with a few more interactions, Eevee and Buddy might become best friends. At least I hope.

If I could change one thing about Buddy, it is his drooling. I could do without the drooling. He’s slimed So. Many. Clothes. Obviously his slime is worse than his bite.

Sorry this entry was a bit more all over the place than my others. I’m at work and am writing this between projects.

Anyway, until next time use someone’s clothes to wipe your mouth and not a napkin.


Origins: Luna

The only reason I can think of why I looked on the animal shelter website was my puppy biological clock was ticking…again…as usual. If that wasn’t it, I don’t remember why I looked. Either way, the result was the same. I visited the animal shelter website to look at the dogs they had up for adoption.

I saw her, our eyes met…well my eyes met with her photograph. She was a dirty, scraggly, terrier type looking out from her pen at the camera. She looked so sad…so lost. My heart broke and I called the shelter to see if she was still available. They told me that her holding period wasn’t up and told me what day it would be. I vowed I would be there as soon as they opened that day.

That day came and I went to the shelter. I wasn’t able to get there right as they opened, but it was early in the day. I requested to look at the dog. They called her inside and closed the outside door so she wouldn’t run back outside. She was scared and wouldn’t come to me. I decided right then I’d adopt her.

The guys told me how it was difficult to catch. Apparently she ran them tired. They weren’t even sure she was a female or male, even though the website stated the dog was a female. Either way, the dog was coming home with me.

The adoption process was simple: go to the vet of my choice, get a spay voucher, then return to the shelter to pay the adoption fee (most of which would be refunded to me after she got fixed) and take her home. Some vets require payment as service, but this vet required payment ahead of time, I suppose as a collateral thing. I didn’t have the money right off, but they told me about Care Credit. I signed up, was approved, and paid. Then off to the shelter to get my dog.

I learned on the way home that she got car sick. I cleaned up the car and took her inside. I bathed her and while bathing her, I either encountered a tick or thought about ticks. That led to the word lunatic, which led to her name Luna. It worked on all levels, she was a white dog and–I learned later–she was crazy.

I introduced Luna to the other girls. They didn’t mind her and she didn’t mind them. She was skittish of me, though. I let her be, confident that she’d come around eventually.

Eventually didn’t come for two weeks. Up until that time, I had to be gentle, move slowly, and use quiet, encouraging words. She’d cower in a heap. I’d scoop her up and bring her inside.

Then she got fixed and she opened up. She became the friendliest dog I had ever met. She begged for attention, jumped for attention, and barked for attention. Clara, who had been unsure of her at first, played with her and I nicknamed them Clair De Lune (my favorite Classical song). They were my rambunctious twins, inseparable.

When she met my dad, she fell in love with him. She insisted that he give her attention. He obliged. They became good friends. There was one time that she bit his shoe, but that was because he came into the backyard from the gate and she was protecting her territory.

After seeing her abandon my lap in favor of a male family friend, I figured that Luna’s previous owner was a male. I imagined that he was doting on her; they were best friends. Then one day she got out of the yard and she couldn’t find her way back. He looked for her, but couldn’t find her. She ended up in the shelter where I adopted her. I wondered if her owner would see me walking her and recognize her. Though I had already bonded with her, and she with me, I knew that I would give her back in that situation.

It never happened. I’m neither glad nor disappointed. It is what it is. Luna is my baby and she will forever be my baby.

Luna still begs for attention…actually it’s more like she demands attention. She can’t stand when one of the other dogs is getting love and not her. Often I have to pet Luna and the other dog at the same time. Of course that gets complicated when a third dog decided that she wants attention too.

I’ve learned a lot about Luna in the five years I’ve had her.

  1. Luna is pack oriented. When she’s not with at least one of the other dogs, she is a nervous wreck. I’ve walked her by herself and she usually walks directly behind me and keeps her tail tucked between her legs. That tail goes up and she walks ahead whenever one or more of the other dogs accompany her on the walk.
  2. Luna is a follower. She does whatever the more “dominant” dogs do. She follows the crowd. Whatever the crowd is doing, she’ll do too.
  3. Luna is hyper. Enough said.
  4. Luna makes a good, and annoying, watchdog. Everything is worthy of being barked at: squirrels, moles, swaying trees, the wind, nothing…Nothing gets past her. I try not to let her outside after ten because she’ll run outside and start barking just because she wants to bark.
  5. Luna is a great comforter. Whenever I have a panic/anxiety attack or am just not feeling well, I get Luna or have my boyfriend bring Luna to me. She sits on my lap, puts her paw on my nose and does whatever she can to make me smile and laugh. Once I start laughing, she gets excited and starts jumping around and licking my face. She is the only one that I have this bond with.

Luna annoys me something awful with her constant barking, attention-seeking, and jumping. I often tell her that I hate her and try to “give” her to my mom. She’s so frustrating sometimes. Yet, at the end of the day, I love that dog. I wouldn’t trade her for anything. Although an off button would be nice.

Until next time, pet me…pet me…pet me…pet meeeeeeeeee