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This is a more somber post…well somber for me. For other people probably not so much.

Tuesday evening. I arrived at home as usual and went inside while talking to my mom on the phone. I took Eevee out to potty. Then I got off the phone to feed the adult dogs. Everything was routine. I scooped the food in the bowls and let the dogs eat.

Clara had pooed in her crate, so while everyone was eating, I took the towel outside to shake off. I wasn’t paying much attention until I was about to go back inside. I see a baby opossum squirming around. Oh no! Buddy had gotten a hold of a baby opossum. I had let Clara out and I quickly called her back in.

I went back outside and saw another possum and another one, then I saw the mom. All were struggling to live. I felt awful. Why had Buddy gone after them (he thought they were toys)? Why was she out during the day? How did she get in my backyard (I have a six foot privacy fence)? Other possums usually walk across the fence, or climb through the trees.

I went back inside and called my mom and told her. I cried. I didn’t know what to do. I called the animal shelter hoping to catch the control people before they left for the day. Wouldn’t you know they closed early. I tried another place and they said they’d get someone from their local branch to call me (spoiler alert, they didn’t call me that evening).

I called BF and told him what was going on. Then I waited for him to get back. The dogs were restless in the back. They were used to going outside to play.

The mom and babies were still hanging in there when BF got home. We loaded them up in a carrier, wrapped them in towels to keep them warm, and put them on the front porch while trying to figure out what to do with them. I had BF walk the yard checking for more babies. He didn’t find any, so I figured that was all she had.

I located a twenty-four hour vet in the city I work in (about twenty miles from me) and called them. They said they would take them. We loaded the family up in my vehicle and drove to the vet. GPS took us a round about way, but we made it there. By the time we got there, mom and one of the babies had passed away; they were bagged up. The other two were hanging in there. They were put on a heating pad and would be fed later (the babies were skinny and if I remember correctly so was mom). We left. They assured me that we’d done the right thing. Still, I felt guilty. I love possums, not as much as foxes, but still…

We arrived home after eight. The day had been exhausting. We relaxed the rest of the evening.

Wednesday evening, I went outside to find three more babies (dead) in various places in the yard. One of them had died right where mom had laid. The other two were farther back in the yard hidden in clover. Two of the babies had no marks on them. I figured they died of “natural” causes (probably hypothermia). The third baby had a scratch on its eye and no other marks. I guessed a cat or raccoon had scratched it, but it ultimately died of hypothermia. I disposed of the babies and when BF got home, we walked the yard again making sure there were only three babies. Thankfully that was it.

He researched about why possums would be out during the day. Either they were disturbed while sleeping or food was scarce and they had to venture out to find food. I’m thinking the latter due to the skinny state of the mom and babies as I have no clue what could have disturbed them other than the resident (annoying) raccoon family that has taken over the space above my porch.

On a lighter note, we thought we had found a dead squirrel, but upon closer inspecting we realized it was a chipmunk toy that had been abandoned to the elements. Eevee took delight in playing with her “new” toy. She tried taking it to Buddy so they could play, but he wasn’t interested so she played with it by herself.

Oh and Buddy and Eevee are getting along really well. He’s slowly learning not to chase her. She’s learning to stand still when Buddy tries the chase her. Needless to say, Buddy doesn’t find her as interesting anymore. I was hoping they would become friends, but it looks like they’ll settle in the same relationship as the rest of the dogs. All my dogs get along, but for the most part they go about their business outside content that they are not alone but equally content that they aren’t being bothered by each other.

I love my dogs.

Until next time, everything that squeaks is not always a toy.




Poor Eevee

BF and I have come to the conclusion that there is no Shih Tzu in Eevee and she may not even be Border Collie (eventually I’ll post a picture of her). Due to her long body and sweet face, we think she has some Dachshund in her. There also might be a bit of Beagle. But who knows? I’m tempted to waste the money on a dog DNA test to see what the results are. I know they may or may not be accurate, but I’m just curious if she is indeed Shih Tzu or if she’s Dachshund as we believe.

That’s not what I came to write about. I came to write about how Eevee gets left out of things when it comes to the older dogs. The girls grudgingly tolerate her, but don’t want to be bothered with her puppy antics. They often get onto her. She needs to learn, but I feel so bad for her. Should I have bitten the bullet and gotten her another puppy to play with (seven dogs, I think not)? She does have fun with Buddy, but he can play rough. It would probably be in all our interest to teach Buddy how to play nicely.

Another option is finding someone with a similarly aged and size puppy for her to play with. That would require socializing with people. The would also require going in search of “friends” for Eevee. How does one go about doing that?

I do have to say that Eevee is the dog that I’ve wanted to have for awhile. Eevee will howl when I how. My other dogs don’t do that. They’ll howl with each other, but if I try to get them to howl, they look at me like I’m stupid. Not Eevee, she gets excited and howls with me. It’s so adorable!

Last week, a lady came by with a four month old large breed puppy (I don’t remember what breed she said he was, but he looked like a Great Pyrenees). He and Eevee played for a good thirty minutes while his mom and I talked about dogs, the neighborhood and the people in it. I enjoyed talking to her. Maybe she’ll walk Mongo again and they’ll come over to play.

Sorry this was a boring post. I’m so busy at work these days and by the end of the day I’m too brain-dead to think of a post to write. I enjoyed writing the Origins series because I already knew what to write. I’ve got to come up with another series or something…

Until next time, make some friends or annoy your older siblings one is just as good as the other…well maybe not for your siblings.

Dog Hair and Other Musings

Sorry about not writing last week. There have been a lot of (frustrating) changes at work and I was so sick and tired of looking at the computer. Anyway, I don’t really have much to say, I’m just writing things down as I think.

I gave Luna and Clara haircuts on Sunday. The amount of hair they had grown over winter was astounding. I think I shaved off the equivalent of two Chihuahuas. When I was done, I was covered in hair and had to take a shower. Later that afternoon, I gave my mom’s three pups a haircut. Needless to say I was in need of another shower when I got home.

It rained last night. My dogs hate the rain–hate going out in it, rather. Most of them don’t fret over the thunder, but lately Molly has been sensitive to it. Even though she is snuggled next to one or two of the other pups, she freaks out when there is thunder, but only if it starts thundering before she falls asleep. Once she is asleep, thunder doesn’t bother her. Go figure.

I have watched almost all domestic dog documentaries that are out there. I’m yearning for another one or two to watch (if you know of any, let me know in the comments so I can check them out). If I were a cinematographer, I would create my own dog documentary. I think it would focus on people just talking about their dogs, or something like that. I should make a friend who is one so that I can pitch this idea to him or her. I don’t require much in return, but a quick mention in the credits and a short segment dedicated to my pups. I could always be the interviewer…

BF and I went to the zoo last week. I don’t particularly care for zoos, but sometimes that’s the only place I’ll see certain animals. I didn’t go to the zoo to see the giraffes, elephants, zebras, tigers, bears, etc. I don’t mind the animals, but my interests were somewhere else. I went there to see all the wild members of the dog family. Unfortunately there weren’t that many: a couple foxes, a couple coyotes, and a pack of African Painted Dogs. It was the last one that I went to see, but they were far from the observation deck, so I only got to see them from afar. I was disappointed that there were no wolves and no hyenas (I know they aren’t part of the dog family, but I do find them endearing). I really wish I could see some of these animals in the wild (I’ve seen foxes and coyotes). I know that requires travel and maybe someday I’ll visit Africa.

I’ve been yearning to do something creative. I don’t know what. I either want to write, draw (as much as my skill will allow), scrapbook, or do an art journal. I recently got a new toy–a Brother Scan-N-Cut–that I have yet to play with. Tomorrow I’ll be getting in some more crafting supplies. What’s stopping me? Well, I’m usually tired by the end of the day, at least that’s the excuse that I like to use. There’s nothing stopping me except for my own laziness and/or forgetfulness.

Buddy and Eevee’s relationship is getting even better. Eevee loves her big brother and whines when she can’t go in the back to play with him. He’s still a bit rough, but he’s trying to be gentler. The other day Molly felt like Buddy was playing too rough with Eevee and made sure that Buddy knew it. She got between Buddy and Eevee (much to Eevee’s annoyance), barked and got up in Buddy’s face. She wasn’t going to let Buddy “bully” her baby sister.

Well, I think the musings are done..for now. Until next time, just because there is nothing exciting going on in your life doesn’t mean you can’t be ready for it.