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Origins: Sahara

Last one, I promise. Well she has to be the last one, BF put his foot down and said no more dogs. He thinks seven is enough. I agree, at least I think seven is enough considering the house we live in. If we lived in the country…I probably will only have seven.

So who is “last one, I promise?” Her name is Sahara (formerly Sugar) and she’s a red and white Beagle just shy of two years old. I didn’t pay a cent for her and she was already fixed, up to date on her shots, on heartworm medication, etc. Everything a person could look for in a family pet. Did I mention she was free?

I was lurking on Craigslist (yes I know…) Pets and had been searching for a Beagle for a couple months. It was a passive searching. Only once did I call to see what the “rehoming fee” was ($300 without shots). I’d come to the conclusion that it wasn’t meant to be.

Bored one day at work, I checked CL again. Much to my surprise there was a listing for a free Beagle. I read the description and I thought that there was no way the dog was still available. She was. I agreed to adopt her and brought her home that night.

She got carsick and vomited on my backseat as we were pulling into the driveway. Not to worry. I had bought a seat cover for my backseat specifically for my pups that get carsick (Luna, Eevee, and now Sahara). All I did was scoop out the vomit and wiped it down with some baby wipes.

The first couple days Sahara was fairly mild. She liked to relax on the couch, play with toys, and sniff around. Then she got comfortable in the house and her wild side emerged. She jumps on the couch with gusto. She isn’t content to relax, but has to be petted all the time. If she’s not being petted, she has to get into something. I’ve taken so many things from her in the course of five minutes: plastic bags, spools of ribbon, spools of thread, socks, rags, and anything else she can get her mouth on. She is no respecter of objects.

She doesn’t mind the other dogs. She likes to bark at Buddy when he barks at her. She enjoys playing with Eevee who has a compatible energy level. The other girls are indifferent toward her and she is toward them.

I’m working on getting Buddy to accept her. I’m bribing him to like her. Whenever she’s around I give both of them lots of treats and praise. I’m hoping that Buddy will accept her by this time next month. If all goes well, sooner.

I feel like I’m not making any sense in this entry. It’s probably because there is activity all around me. I don’t know. Anyway, that’s it for right now. Until next time, keep your pack members close and make sure new pack members come with a bribe.

Oh, and here is a picture of Sahara. It’s from the ad that I responded to. Enjoy!

Sugar 1

Pet Dogs, Feral Dogs, and Just Being

Have you ever seen a dog (or cat or any other animal) that you know would be perfect for your home, but due to whatever circumstance you are unable to adopt it? I feel like that right now. There is a Beagle rescue in Norman that has a dog named Donner. He is described as “almost feral.” He prefers to hang out with dogs rather than people. He will never be a lap dog.

When I read that I thought he’d be perfect for my little family. I know, two humans and six dogs isn’t what a person would classify as a “little” family. Anyway, I digress. At my house, my dogs are allowed to be dogs. They come in when they want to come in and go out when they want to go out. We are a loose pack, coming together when we feel like it, but otherwise tending to our own business. Donner would fit right in with our low stress (except meal time) life. At my house we just are and have learned to to “be.” As long as they exhibit basic obedience I’m good with them just being dogs. I think Donner would like that.

What’s preventing me from adopting him? First, six dogs disqualifies me. No adoption agency is going to visit my house, see six dogs and allow me to adopt a dog. Two, Buddy isn’t fond of new dogs. Properly introduced though and I think Buddy and Donner would get along. It might take a few months though. Three, not all my dogs are up-to-date on their vaccinations. Of course that’s an easy fix. Okay, so there is only one strike against me. Everything else can be fixed.

So what is stopping me? The question if I can handle seven dogs. It’s not that hard to have six dogs (except at mealtime), what difference would a seventh dog make? Perhaps it is because Donner is an adult and I’m afraid he would get into a fight with Buddy. Perhaps it is because people will dub me insane if they find out I have seven dogs. Perhaps I’m afraid my neighbors will turn me in because of all my dogs. If not all of that, I just know that bringing in a seventh dog would be a bad idea.

I didn’t say I wouldn’t do it. I want a Beagle, but I probably won’t try for Donner. Then again, maybe I could get my house set up, get a kennel license (so I can house multiple dogs), and then I can try for Donner in the fall providing he hasn’t found a home yet. If Donner isn’t available at least the house will be ready for any additional dog.

You think I’m crazy, don’t you? I think I’m crazy, but paradise for me is being with dogs. I can’t say I’m the happiest when I’m with my dogs, but it’s pretty close. Being with dogs helps me forget, even for a few minutes, about my mental illnesses.

Yep, I’m crazy, but I don’t mind.

Until next time, take a moment to just be…