Monthly Archives: November 2019

In the Walls

Last week, I came home to Buddy chewing on the baby gate bars and on the wall beside the utility room door. I dropped everything and went to see what was wrong. Despite my best efforts, he wouldn’t leave that spot alone, not even to go outside and he loves being outside.

I inspected the area and concluded there must be something between the walls and I hoped it wasn’t a snake. I wasn’t sure though. I tried pulling at the paneling, using a hammer…to no avail. Then a brilliant idea hit me. Get the Beagle to see if there really was something. So out I went to fetch Sahara.

I brought her in and showed her the spot that Buddy was chewing at. Sahara sniffed around and bayed. I had my answer. There was something in the wall. Yes, I know I can’t take a Chow’s and Beagle’s bark for it, but their senses are better than mine and I trust them.

I was already frustrated and sat on the floor to cry. I’d had a stressful day at work, bf got off late and wouldn’t be home for another hour, and since Mother lives an hour away, she couldn’t help either. Sweet Sahara climbed in my lap and tried to comfort me. Normally she’s crazy, but she was calm and stood still while I petted her and cried.

After I calmed down, I put my ear to the wall. I heard some scratching. Definitely not a snake. Maybe a baby raccoon? A mouse? Probably a mouse. When I tapped the wall the scratching stopped and the dogs lost interest in the spot. Eventually whatever it was moved on and Buddy and Sahara were ready to do something else so I kicked them outside. Buddy was happy to go. Sahara…not as much. She’s a homebody.

More happened in that story–not much though; this is just the Reader’s Digest version. The longer version would have simultaneous incidents: Sahara searching the kitchen for something, Buddy alternating between the wall and wanting to go into the main part of the house, me crying, me on the phone, me hoping it wasn’t a snake, me contemplating on selling my house and letting the new owners handle the raccoons, and many other things.

I still want to sell my house, but at the moment it isn’t feasible. The raccoons are driving me crazy so either I stay put or bite the bullet and put my house on the market. Neither sounds ideal. Perhaps after BF and I get married we’ll get something figured out. Until then, I get to put up with my noisy upstairs neighbors for a bit longer.

Not much of a entry. I do have some picture to share sometime in the future. They’re of Eevee and Sahara playing. I find the pictures precious.

Until next time, seek out and destroy…the food that is.