Monthly Archives: February 2020

Beagle is as Beagle Does

Sahara’s nose got the better of her this morning. Normally she comes in the house when called. Oftentimes she is by the back door waiting for it to open, but sometimes that ol’ Beagle nose takes over and distracts her from what BF and I would like for her to do. Note: I didn’t say what she’s supposed to do as I appreciate the fact that as a Beagle following her nose is what she’s supposed to do.

BF kept calling Sahara and I told him that he needed to just go get her as this is what I have to do sometimes. He’d start toward Sahara and she’d run toward him…then her nose would take her in a different direction. Finally BF snatched her up and carried her in the house. He put her in the crate and the look she gave us almost broke my heart. She looked so sad, so defeated. The poor baby’s fun had been ruined and she was not happy.

I look forward to going home in a little over an hour. Today has been a tough day. I’m agitated, my head hurts, the pollen count is high, and I’ve had an anxiety attack. I just want to go home, plop on the couch and cuddle with one of my dogs.

I took Sahara and Eevee on a walk after church on Saturday. As I was rounding the corner of my block, I saw some of my fellow church members. As soon as Sahara saw them, she wanted to jump up on them, be pet; just in general trying to get their attention.

Eevee, on the other hand, was trying to get away from them. She’s not that fond of people outside of BF, Mother, and me–the people who she’s grown up with. She’s always been leery of strangers, preferring to bark at them from a distance rather than trying to get to know them. I regret that I was never able to take her out and socialize with her. The thought of her getting car sick and stressed out prevented me from taking her places. Funny thing is taking her places helps the car sickness or so the vet says. It seems counter-intuitive and I’m sure it works, I just afraid to try it. On the other hand, if we’re planning on moving, it would be best to get them (Eevee, Luna, and Sahara) accustomed to the car. Fortunately, we’re only moving an hour away, so a little vomit in the car won’t be the worst thing in the world…

What I would love to do when I get home is do some crafting. I’ve wanted to do some collage art for a little over a week now, but haven’t been able to do it for one reason or another (*cough* lazy *cough*). What will actually happen is I’m going to plop on the couch (with or without a dog) and watch some Netflix as that will probably be all the energy that I will have.

Yet another random post, but it popped into my brain. Until next time, go where your nose takes you…