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Day 24: Brush, Brush

Buddy isn’t a fan of being brushed, but it is something that needs to be done right now since he is still blowing his winter coat. He has some bare patches on  his chest that were there when I got him. I’m not sure what happened there, but I’m wondering if he was so matted that the only thing to do was to shave it. Not sure though.

I try to keep the brushing sessions to about fifteen minutes, depending on how patient he is, how determined I am, and how much time I have. Today, all things were on my side and I was able to get him really brushed out. He lost his patience when I tried to brush his tail, but by that time I’d been working on him for quite some time and I knew he wouldn’t sit still much longer.

I do have to say that he looks better. There’s still quite a bit to brush out, but we’re getting there. Soon he’ll be even more handsome than he already is.

As I sat on the floor brushing him, I thought of starting a YouTube channel where I posted daily videos of my musings while I brushed one of my dogs. I’m not entirely certain how entertaining that is, but I suppose there is a niche for that. It’s just an idea and I haven’t completely worked out the details. I really want to start a channel, but due to my personality, I have to have a focus before I start anything. It would most likely be a vlog channel, but we’ll see. I’ll probably have to get a better video camera first.

For almost a year, I was planning a big shindig for my 30th birthday, but now I’m thinking that I would prefer to enter my thirtieth year a little more quietly, perhaps a trip to the Tulsa aquarium. I might drag a friend along because I’d really like to share that experience with someone. Also, it would probably be best if I have the support as I don’t know how crowded the aquarium will be. Yet another thing that I’ll have to work out the logistics of.

Right now every pup has settled down for the night. I’ll probably be doing the same here in a bit, though I don’t want to go to bed too early or else I’ll be awake at five in the morning. I hate being awake at that time. I prefer not to be aware that time/life exists between the hours of between midnight and nine. It never fails that on Friday nights I always go to bed too early, so I get up too early, which means that I’m exhausted by the time church starts on Saturday morning. Will tonight be the same? You’ll know tomorrow because I’ll probably talk about it.

Well, I wish everyone a restful night or a good day depending on where you live.

Until next time, just keep brushing…just keep brushing…

P.S. No, I haven’t seen Finding Dory yet. No spoilers please, no spoilers.


Day 23: Superpower

I really couldn’t think of anything to write today, so I decided to resort to a cliched question: If I could choose a superpower, what would it be?

When I was a kid and my friends and I would play games, my character was a girl named Michelle and she could talk to animals. I think she had a pet dragon or something, but I don’t quite remember.

If I could have a superpower, I think I’d like to be able to talk to animals, but at the same time I wonder if it would get annoying after awhile. I mean, if I could talk to all animals then I could hear the ants talking under my feet and then I’d feel guilty if I killed one of them. Yikes, too much pressure!!!

Another superpower I’d like is shape shifting. I realize that it would be a very painful process, or at least at the beginning until my body got used to a certain form. The only problem I could foresee is if I turn into a dog would I innately be able to communicate with them or would it be something I have to learn?

There I go overthinking things again.

Now that’s my real superpower, overthinking. Perhaps I’d be better as a villain or an anti-hero rather than an actual hero. Would I want to be a hero though? Nope. I think I’d just like to be a “normal” human being that happens to have superpowers.

Now I think about Peter Parker’s uncle’s advice: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Oh great, that means that by having the power to shape shift (or talk to animals) that I’d be obligated to help.

Maybe I’ll stick to being a regular human being.  Yeah…I think I will.

I know it’s cliche, but what superpower would you choose? Also, do you think that you’d be able to handle the responsibilities that will inevitably result from this superpower? Let me know.

Until next time, if great power means great responsibility then there better be great health insurance and a great dental plan to go along with it.

Day 10: Lesson Learned from a Chow

The day I got Buddy, I immediately told my mom about him. I didn’t tell my dad though. He doesn’t take kindly to me adding more canines to the family, let alone a Chow Chow, one of his least favorite breeds. I’ve talked to him a few times since getting Buddy, but I made sure I never mentioned him.

It wasn’t my intention of telling him this evening, but when he talked about the next time he comes down (most likely next week), I realized I needed to tell my dad. I told him about Buddy before telling him the breed. I made excuses, changed the subject, but my dad was not to be derailed. He asked the breed and I finally had to tell him.

He got upset and I let him vent about Chows. I told him that I understood and that initially I was afraid of Buddy. I asked my dad to give Buddy a chance and my dad said that he would, but he’d probably have something in his hand to defend himself. I accepted that. I then told my dad about how safe I feel with Buddy here. Suddenly, my dad changed and he was grateful for Buddy.

Since I live by myself and my closest relative is still an hour away, my dad had been contemplating getting me a larger dog. When he realized that Buddy was that dog and that Buddy was teaching me to control my anxiety, he decided that Buddy was good for me and vice versa. By the time we ended the call, my dad told me that he could sleep well at night knowing that I’m safe.

It makes me happy to know that my dad went from disliking to approving Buddy. I was also proud of myself. Normally I get on the defensive and sometimes even get upset, but I let my dad get out his prejudices, I acknowledged them, and then countered them without raising my voice or getting irritated.

I also explained to my dad that it wasn’t my intention on getting a Chow. I wanted a Lab, or a Great Pyrenees, or something else that wasn’t on the list of “experienced dog owners only.” I consider myself an experienced dog owner, but I wasn’t sure if I could handle one of these dogs. I wanted to take the easy way out.

Now that I’m looking back, I’ve tried to take the easy way out many times. No necessarily with dogs, but with everyday life. I’ve done things simply because doing what I wanted/needed to do was too difficult. I settled on mediocre not believing that I deserved better.

I didn’t realize it until this writing that bringing Buddy into my home was a daring act for me. Though I’m not fond of Labs, I was willing to settle for a Lab because a Lab is safe. Labs are not known to be mean; they’re family dogs; big cuddle bugs; a relatively easy dog to raise once you get past the puppy stages. Chows, well, they have a reputation. I was raised to hate/be afraid of Chows.

Look at me now. I’m a proud owner of a Chow and I love it.

t makes me wonder though, what other areas in my life do I play it safe? What do I really want to do, but am too afraid to do it? What have I settled for instead of pursing my passion?

These are the things that I would like to do, but am too afraid of doing it: Publishing a book, fulfilling my desire of being a mixed media artist, becoming a dog trainer, starting a YouTube channel, starting my own business, and lastly starting up an ambassador program for misunderstood dog breeds.

I don’t know if I’ll ever do any of those with the exception of publishing a book as I plan to have one out by the end of the year. I guess I feel I should be practical, but I want to take a risk. These may not seem like risks to most people, but for me they are.

So many questions: What if they don’t pan out? What if they do? What if people hate me? What if I become an inspiration? What if…so many what ifs. I won’t know if I don’t try. I want to try, but I’m afraid. Maybe, just maybe, I just need to stop asking questions and just do it. I mean, I’ll never know unless I try, right?

Until next time, live your dreams; no one else can live them for you.