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Happy Gotcha (Adoption) Day, Buddy

One year ago today, I brought Buddy (then Ferguson) home. He has since become the sweetheart of the family and the neighborhood. I’ve regretted some decisions in my life, but I have to say that Buddy is not one of them.


It was my intention to take him to PetSmart and get him a new toy or something, but that never happened. Perhaps next week after he’s had a bath…

Until next time, don’t forget to celebrate the day that your human came into your life.

Note: I got the term “Gotcha Day” from the Disney series Jessie. That’s what they called the day they adopted each of their children.


Day 1: Bear in My Living Room

It’s been awhile. I’ve been poked and prodded by doctors (more prodded than poked) and my neurologist thinks that my seizures are anxiety-related, but I don’t have an official diagnosis.

So today I decided that I’ve had enough. Since medication isn’t helping right now, I’m trying a different route: a thirty day journey of taking care of myself. During these thirty days I’ll concentrate on the good things in life and take it easy on myself.

I also decided that I needed a teddy bear to hold during my anxiety attacks which meant that I had to break one of my goals for 2016: not get another dog. I deemed breaking this goal was acceptable as I planned on teaching this teddy bear to help me. I needed something large and sturdy that I could hug. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t trying to replace my precious girls, but they’re small, fragile, and active. I needed laid back. A lab despite the fact that I dislike labs? Akita? Aussie? Heeler? I know, a Great Pyrenees/St. Bernard mix. I had one of those when I was a kid and he was great!

I thought I found one as well. Unfortunately he got adopted before I could. Another dog I was interested in was an Aussie mix. The people never got back to me about visiting him. I decided that it wasn’t meant to be. I needed to train up one of my current dogs.

Then I saw the ad: Free Chow. It was three hours old by the time I emailed the owner. I was sure that he was gone. He wasn’t. I picked him up today. He looks like a bear cub. He’s black with a brown band. Pictures to come. He’s about a year old, which gives me a year to socialize him so he won’t imprint on my girls and me and become very territorial. It think it will be good for both of us.

His name was Ferguson, but I changed it to Buddy since that was what I had already been calling him. I hate the fact that it is such a generic name, but I think it is fitting because of the reason why I got him and that was to be my buddy.

The girls don’t mind him, but he’s a little afraid of them. I don’t blame him. Five little fast dogs can be overwhelming. I’m sure they’ll be friends by the end of the month.

So…yeah…there are six dogs living with me. That’s the cut off. No more dogs.

Famous last words huh?

Anyway, I figure that for the next thirty days I’m going to post something every day, so be prepared to be inundated with posts. I’m going to go now and chill.

Until next time, Teddy Bears rule!!!

A Funny Looking Shih Tzu

My mother commutes half an hour to and from work and she worries about her little Toy Poodle mix that is left home alone. I think my mother is more concerned about the dog than the dog is actually concerned. Ebony usually hops up on the love seat and sleeps the entire day. Still…

I decided that I’d look into getting Ebony a companion. I scoured the Internet from local rescues, animal shelters, and CraigsList. I even looked at ads in different areas of the state as I was willing to drive up to a couple hours to pick up a dog.

Pretty much all that I tried failed. People didn’t email back, or the dog was already adopted, or the “re-homing fee” was too expensive. It became an obsession. The more elusive the dog was, the more I wanted to find it.

Then I came across an ad for a Shih Tzu. The adoption fee was $40. There was no picture, but I sent a text anyway. There was a response and the dog was still available. I made arrangements to pick her up on Friday; that was two days away. I knew that the person would give the dog away in that time. It had happened to me time and time again.

The person also sent me pictures of the dog. It was a cute gray and white dog…well kind of cute. It looked like a funny looking Shih Tzu to me. Still, I was determined to have her for my mom and Ebony.

On Thursday, I confirmed that I was still meeting the person. We were still meeting. I was scared though. Anything could happen in that time.

Friday morning came. I took care of the animals and left the house. I finally got there and picked up the dog. She was heavy. She smelled of dirt and outside. Her snout was oddly long for a Shih Tzu. I didn’t care. As long as she was healthy she was fine. Her name was Veve. I took her home and introduced her to my dogs and Ebony. I expected a lot of bickering or yelping, but they all wagged their tails at each other and then that was it. She was part of the pack.

She looked very funny-looking compared to my Shih Tzu girls. Her snout was obviously too long. Her head was all wrong. I decided there were two reasons for this: either she was a poorly bred Shih Tzu or, most likely, she wasn’t a Shih Tzu at all, but a breed that shared common features with a Shih Tzu. At first I thought she was a Havanese, but her head and body didn’t match.

While mother cooked lentils, I did a quick search about the difference between the Lhasa Apso and the Shih Tzu. Though they have many similarities, the biggest difference between them is the shape of the head and the length of the snout (something that is difficult to tell when the dogs have long hair). I showed mother the picture of the Lhasa Apso and it matched that of the dog. Suddenly she went from being a funny-looking Shih Tzu to a lovely little Lhasa Apso.

We renamed her Nikky and because it was so close to her old name she responded to it immediately.

Mother, Ebony and Nikky are getting along. Last night Mother told me that Nikky and Ebony were chasing each other up and down the stairs. She sent me a picture of Nikky sleeping. I think this is the start to a beautiful friendship.

Until next time…don’t forget that even though you’re a funny-looking Shih Tzu, you’re a beautiful Lhaso Apso.