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Yappy Hour

Last Thursday wasn’t a good day for me, so after school I fed the dogs and crashed. My alarm went off announcing Yappy Hour, an event that I had programed into my phone earlier last week. I didn’t want to go. I was tired, cranky, and didn’t want to face a bunch of people. Still, I told myself that it might be fun, but if it wasn’t I could always leave and not bother going back to it the last two Thursdays of this month.

So, I dragged myself out of bed, put on “going out” clothes, grabbed Haley, and we drove across town to the dog park. On the way there, I told Haley that I wasn’t sure what the event would be like and that if she didn’t like being there, all she had to do was bark. She looked at me as if she knew what I was saying.

We arrived at the dog park and the event was smaller than I anticipated. I expected something huge, but it was a nice, personable event. The dogs were polite and playing together. It wouldn’t hurt to stay a few minutes.

We arrived at the same time as a couple German Shepherds. A dog barked at the gate. I tried to get Haley to go inside without letting the dog out. Being a princess, Haley feels that the gate or door has to be wide open before she can pass over the threshold. I pushed her through the small gap and tried to squeeze through, but the dog got out. The owner came and retrieved the dog and I walked away with Haley.

Most of the dogs there were big, but there were a handful of small dogs. Haley isn’t prone to interact with other dogs and sniffed around the tables because she knew that there was food on them.

After getting a dog biscuit and polishing it off, she went in search of another place with treats. Then she disappeared behind another table. I thought she was underneath the table, but when I searched for her, I found that she had made herself comfortable in a lady’s chair. The lady was one of the dog trainers and Haley used her charming skills to get several treats from her, even convincing her that the treats needed to be broken up into smaller pieces and hand fed. I just shook my head.

My neighbor’s mom’s dog was there. His name is Tito and he’s a four month old Shih Tzu-Chihuahua and a bundle of energy, never sitting still long enough for a pet. Despite being the same age as the Golden Retriever puppy, Tito quickly became the darling of the dog park, probably because he was so tiny and lightning fast.

There were drawings for prizes and even a trick contest. I thought about entering Haley into the contest, but I felt that her shake and speak were basic tricks. In hindsight, I think Haley would have done just fine. Several of the dogs were distracted and didn’t perform as well as they normally did when they were at home.

The contest winner was the most adorable black and white Pomeranian named Flower. I wasn’t surprised. Her cuteness alone would have won the contest.

Shortly after the contest, it was time to go. An hour and a half had passed that quickly? So much for staying only a couple minutes and leaving.

As we left, I called my mom and told her about how Haley had taken over the lady’s chair and somehow convinced her to dote on Haley. We agreed that it’s typical Haley behavior.

I plan on going back again this Thursday. This time I’m going to take Clara and Molly. I thought about taking all three Shih Tzus, but I decided that I didn’t want to try to keep an eye on three dogs. I just need to bathe them and give them haircuts, or at the very least trim the hair back from their eyes.

I hope this week will be just as much fun as last week. Or at least as relaxing as it was. I’ll keep you posted.

Until next time, drag your human to the next doggy event. It will be good for them.


Buddy’s Thoughts

I wrote this short piece while waiting for a friend of mine to pick me up. Buddy was inside barking at me. He hates when he’s left behind. Anyway, I wrote this from Buddy’s point of view.

I don’t want you leaving without me.

I cannot protect you if we’re apart.

What if something happens to you?

I know how much you rely on me;

On my strength.

I know how much it hurts for you to leave me.

I know how happy you are when you return.

I can feel it in your touch.

I can smell it on your skin.

The outside world scares you.

Let me go with you.

No one will hurt you with me around.

You and I are one.

Never leave me because I will never leave you…

Unless I see a squirrel then all bets are off.


Until next time, keep the squirrels out of your yard and your humans in.

Gangs of Dog Lovers

After mentioning that I had Shih Tzu, a classmate said that she didn’t like Shih Tzu as they were too yappy (or something like that). My Shih Tzu are anything, but yappy…that is unless they want something and then they make this annoying sound that is difficult to ignore especially since they can keep this up for at least an hour. I told her that my little dogs weren’t evil, but then she confessed that she simply didn’t like small dogs (with the exception of Jack Russell Terriers and Rat Terriers (she had a mix between these two).

This conversation made me realize that there are approximately four main gangs/classes of dog owners/lovers and it seems like rivalry between the different gangs of dog owners is almost as fierce as the rivalry between dog owners/lovers and cat owners/lovers.

Gang 1: Big dogs only. Nothing smaller than 50 pounds…if that small.

Gang 2: Big dogs, but smaller “non-yappy” dogs such as Jack Russell Terriers and the like are allowed. This gang is possibly a splinter group of Gang 1.

Gang 3: Small dogs only. Nothing larger than a Cocker Spaniel is allowed, but most of these owners/lovers specialize in toy dogs.

Gang 4: All dogs. The members of this gang often have to explain their love for small dogs to Gangs 1 & 2 and their love for large dogs to Gang 3. I used to belong to Gang 3 until I got Buddy. Now I’m happy with my membership in Gang 4.

I’m sure there are other, more specialized gangs, but I don’t know whether to consider them splinter gangs or give them full gang status. What do you think? What gang do you belong to?

Day 16: Cat Fight…Well Kinda

If there’s anything that I’ve learned from owning dogs is that female dogs are just as catty toward each other as human females are. Molly and Luna have a love-hate relationship. They’re like two sisters who get along most of the time, but every now and then get into a fight just because the other looked at her wrong. Being taller, Luna often likes to torment Molly and Clara because they’re short than her. Needless to say, they don’t appreciate it very much and they fight back. Luna doesn’t mess with Haley or Nia because both of them have beat her up a time or two.

Though I do prefer female dogs over male dogs, I knew that if I wanted to get a bigger dog that I’d have to get a male and not a female because getting a female would result in reestablishing the pecking order. That would mean a big dog fighting smaller dogs and I didn’t want to imagine the outcome. Funny thing is that the outcome would probably be in favor of the smaller dogs.

When I brought Buddy home, the girls sniffed at him and then went about their business. Although Buddy does like to mess with Luna–probably because she messes with the others–they’ve never had any outright fights. Buddy respects the smaller dogs and the smaller dogs respect him. In fact, Buddy has been an asset in helping wrangle the girls when they decide that they want to go crazy. He doesn’t do anything except stand in their way. He’s big enough to prevent them from going anywhere, but short enough that they can’t go under his legs. Sometimes I wonder how I ever lived without him.

What I wonder more is about my girls’ hierarchy. From what I can tell is Haley is the alpha female dog (I’d like to think that I’m the ultimate alpha female, but…). Nia is under her and she’s the rule enforcer. If any of the dogs, mainly Luna, gets out of hand, she backs them into a corner to settle down. Luna might be under Nia, but I’m not entirely sure since she feels the need to reinforce her position every day. I think she’s unsure. Molly is next. She doesn’t really care where she fits in; she just does her own thing. Clara, being the smallest, is at the bottom. She’s also an enforcer though. Often times she’s the referee between two dogs who are playing a bit roughly.

I think I’ve mentioned a lot of this before, but all of that was before Buddy came into the family. He didn’t really change anything in the hierarchy, but he added something to this sorority. He added the calm, strong, silent type male presence that was missing. His size added protection. His breed added loyalty. I guess what I’m saying is he complements us; he’s the bark of reason in this zany female household.

Now if only I could find a man who had Buddy’s personality. On second thought, a man with Buddy’s personality probably would be boring. There are just some personalities that only dogs can pull off.

Until next time, make sure your humans know who really is in charge. (Hint: It’s not them).

Interesting Dogs Who Have Come Through the Salon

I love making bullet lists; it’s one of my favorite things to do. So I decided to make a list of interesting pets and pet parents who have blessed us with their presence. Some of these dogs I’ve bathed; other dogs I’ve just observed. I hope I’m not violating any laws by posting these stories.

  • A woman came in with her maltese named Twinkie Diva. How she got her name? The dog’s mom wanted to name the dog Diva because the dog wears dresses. The dog’s dad wanted to name her Twinkie because he believed that Twinkies were going away. So they compromised.
  • A chubby Chihuahua named Poo Bear.
  • An English Bulldog who was supposed to be a normal bath and brush (usually lasting about 3-4 hours) was bumped to an express (usually about 1.5 hours) because she was in heat. I won’t complain about this dog though, because the owner gave me a nice tip.
  • A three month old Shih Tzu puppy that was the size of my six month old Shih Tzu puppy. We speculated about whether or not this puppy was actually three months old.
  • A three month old German Shepherd puppy that cried every single time someone passed his cage. He was yelling so much that one of the managers ran into the salon thinking that he was hurt. I think all of us lost a percent of our hearing due to his yelps.
  • A six month old German Shepherd puppy who had few, if any manners. I didn’t think he knew sit until I realized that his owners probably speak Spanish to him when they’re at home. So I used my limited Spanish and told him to sit. He sat. Who knew?
  • A Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Shih Tzu. One moment she was enjoying the blow dryer; the next moment she screamed bloody murder; the next next moment she was enjoying the blow dryer.
  • (One of the groomers told me this story) An owner called the salon and made her take the phone to his dog so he could talk to his dog.

Those are the only ones I can think of right now. When I collect some more, I’ll post them.