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Confession: We Have the Potential for Becoming Animal Hoarders


Right now living with us are two dogs and two cats soon to be three dogs and three cats. I’m the one who likes the dogs and my husband is the one who likes cats. Together we are two people who will probably be on TV one day for animal hoarding.

On our way to the animal shelter my husband and I talked about this. He said that neither one of us had a terrible experience to make us become “hoarders.” Though I’ve never had a traumatic childhood experience, dogs have always been there for me. They help me get out of bed when I’m having a major depression episode. They chill with me since now I’ve become a temporary house wife…and so on.

Honestly, I feel that if we’re able to afford these two new additions (which we are, I’ve already figured them into our budget) then I don’t think we’re animal hoarders yet. Besides, the city we live in has pet limits within the city limits and we’re not going to go over the limit…by much. 🙂

On a lighter note, my shy Blue Heeler had a breakthrough today. She and my Shih Tzu almost played today. She’s never even attempted to play with one of my other dogs before today. It was cute watching them play bow to each other…then they became dignified again and went about their business.

Sorry this is a short post. I’m a bit distracted. We’re watching a youtube video about how to make homemade apple cider. It’s a little late to think about apple cider. For the most part, the days here in central Oklahoma are getting warmer. Of course the evenings are still kind of cool…but I need to finish up my cider pouches before I even begin to decide to make homemade cider…not that I really want to appear that domestic, but it would sure be fun when winter rolls around again. Until then, I think I’ll make some ice tea, or lemonade, or…any other favored summer beverage.