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Calling All Blog Muses

All day I’ve been trying to figure out what I wanted to write about on my blog. I thought of several things: how cats don’t seem to adapt to new environments and other pets as well as dogs do, moving (yet again), finding a job, wishing I could be a full-time writer, and so on. Unfortunately, none of them seemed like something I actually wanted to write. So now I’m sitting at my desk calling to all of the nine blog muses: Cleo, Tabby, Edna, Enid, Penelope, Cassie, Talia,¬†Ursula, and Midi. Yes, I just made up those names, but who knows I may write about them sometime.

As I was driving home this evening I came up with a new dog story idea. It’s based on an incident that happened to me. I was walking across campus talking to my mom on the phone when I saw a couple and their dog. Two people were petting the dog. I did a quick assessment of the dog, his body, the way he held his tail, and his size and concluded that he was definitely part wolf. I told the owners he was a beautiful dog, then corrected myself and said, “Or is he a wolf?” as some wolf or wolf hybrid owners prefer their pet no be referred to as a mere dog. The woman quickly replied, “Dog. We’ll say dog.” I nodded, but I do believe that the “dog” was part wolf, but since wolves have a bad reputation and it was a college campus I figured that they didn’t want it advertised that they had a wolf. Once I flesh out this idea I’ll write more about it in the future.

I guess I found a couple things to write about. I’ll try to write more next Wednesday, but I can’t guarantee it. It’s supposed to warm up next week and I want to get some packing and moving done before the temperature drops again.

Until next time…