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Moving On

People close to me ask me about this Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots that are going on. I think all of these riots are stupid and don’t prove anything. If Black Lives Matter then why are they harming other people. I mean shouldn’t the lives of the people they harm matter too?

Working for a newspaper is a double edged sword. I get to hear the news before it is made public, but also I get to hear the nitty-gritty; the things that people don’t hear. All of this makes me sad. So I’ll think about something else.

When BF and I are about to walk out the door, the girls decide to start barking at each other. It starts with intense stares, glaring almost. Next one of the girls insults one of her sisters. Then all of them (actually Clara, Luna, Eevee, and Sahara) start barking at each other, hurling bad names and your mama comments at each other like a game of verbal volleyball. Their intention: to delay us from leaving in the morning. They hope that one of us will come back there and fuss at them, or at the very least call out to them. I try to ignore them, but from time to time I tell them to knock it off. We walk out the door and as soon as that front door is closed they stop. Crazy dogs.

My mom’s Yorkie got put to sleep about a month ago. A spider bit her and it turned necrotic overnight. There was nothing they could do for her and the kindest thing was to put her down.

Going home is weird without her. She was a tiny tyrant, but she was family and I’ll miss her. Not as much as my mom. She realized that Midget’s live was intertwined in her life and the lives of Ebony and Nikki. For several days, the three of them were lost without her. Ebony and Nikki have slowly moved on, but my mom is still heartbroken. Perhaps one day I’ll get her another third dog (or drop Luna off at her house and run), but not right now.

The disadvantage to having seven dogs is that looking for a house is difficult. BF and I are trying to move closer to my mom and we’ve seen a few nice houses (and even more not so nice), but the question on our mind is always, “is the backyard big enough for seven dogs.” The dogs are used to a huge backyard and not just any backyard will do.

Another problem is us moving depends on several factors happening in succession or, preferably, simultaneously. I need to find out if I got this job, then I need to find a house and finally I need to sell the house. Unfortunately it seems like things are going out of order. More people are inquiring about the house (four or five within the past month) and I have yet to hear back from the school (where I might work) or found a suitable place to move. I know it will all work out in the end, but the suspense is killing me. I want to know where this story is going. Can I flip forward a few chapters and see how things turn out. I need spoilers!

Well that’s what’s going on in my life. It’s a shame that it can be summed up in just a few paragraphs. Until next time, when you says “your mama [insert insult here]” to your puppy sibling, you might be talking about your mama too. Just saying.

Seven Dog Life

Yesterday I felt like a bad dog mom. My dogs don’t get the attention they deserve. They’re normally kept in their bedroom to keep them out of the way (they’re royal terrors). I feel so bad that they’re not allowed to hang out on the couch with BF and me. Then I remember, I have a couple dogs (Luna and Sahara) that don’t know the meaning of chilling out on the couch. They prefer to get into things, steal stuff, and in general act like little heathens.

Living with seven dogs isn’t difficult. I look forward to the day when Buddy and Sahara can interact without a baby gate between them. I wish it happened yesterday, but I realize that Sahara has only been with us for about three weeks. I need to give it time.

I’ve come to the conclusion that when this pack of dogs has died off, I’m only going to keep three dogs at a time: a Shih Tzu, a Beagle, and some kind of terrier (probably a Yorkie). By that time, I hope that I’ll have a bigger house…well not necessarily bigger, I need a more open house on one floor. I keep saying that I’m going to wait five years, but can I wait that long? I probably should so I can pay off some bills…

This is a random post, I know. I’m sleepy and bored. I have an ad I need to design, but I don’t feel like creating it even though it is simply recreating a business card. I want to do everything else but what I’m supposed to.

I wish I worked from home, not that I’d get much done there either. At least I’d be comfortable and be able to nap as needed.

All seven of my dogs have found their voices…mealtime is noisy. I need to train them out of it. I tried. Really, I have. Luna just won’t be trained and if I can’t get her under control I can’t get Eevee or Sahara under control. If you haven’t guessed, Luna is my troublemaker.

I love her. She is a great dog. I just wish she would shut up. I have made headway with her though. When I pet her, instead of ruffling her fur, I pet her with long slow strokes that promote a calmer demeanor. It is amazing the change. I’ve even tried it on Sahara and it puts her right to sleep. Eevee is a bit trickier, but she’ll get there.

Eevee will be 9 months tomorrow. I feel like she should be older. It feels like I’ve had her forever. The same thing goes for each of my dogs, especially Haley who has been with me through a lot of the major and minor events of my life. Haley and I are a pair and have a closer bond with each other than any of the other dogs. The day I lose her will be the day I lose a part of myself.

But let’s not think about that. Haley is alive and well and annoying. Every evening, when BF and I are watching TV, she makes sure to bark us out for eating in front of her, for keeping her up past her bedtime, and sometimes just for the fun of it. She likes to talk back and we have plenty of arguments with her. I’m glad I don’t speak dog as I’m sure Haley has a colorful vocabulary.

So, I think I’ve reached the end of this random post. If you’ve read this far, props. If you understand this post, double props. If you live with a human that eats in front of you, but doesn’t share, my sympathy.

Until next time, the louder you bark the quicker the human responds.

Doggy Buggy

I have toy dogs. Three of them, but only two of them are currently living with me, my puppy is with my mom. Two of them are purebred Shih Tzu and the puppy is a Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix. I love to take them to Petsmart and Petco. It gets them out of the house and socializes me. Sometimes I let them walk, but other times I put them in the shopping cart as it is much easier to shop without them pulling this way and that.

Since I have toy dogs, I have certain urges to be that dog owner. You’ve met that dog owner and are possibly one yourself if you love your dogs as much as I love mine. I want to be that owner who dresses her dogs up (for photo shoots only, I don’t do dressing them up to go out in public, at least not yet), cuddles them, spoils them, feed them from [plastic] spoons and forks. Mostly, I want to be that owner that puts her dogs in a stroller.

Some people laugh at the strollers. I used to. I thought it was undignified. “Dogs aren’t children. They can walk on their own four paws.” But there is a part of me that realizes that strollers do have their place.

Several years ago, my mother and I were shopping at Hobby Lobby when we saw a woman with a stroller. We didn’t think anything of it until we realized that there was a Yorkie in the stroller and not a baby. As long as the Yorkie was in the stroller, no one minded the dog’s presence.

Another instance was when a lady brought her dogs into the salon to get their nails done. She had three little Chihuahuas in a stroller. Even though I wanted to think that she was that owner, I really couldn’t. I wouldn’t want to fight with three tiny dogs and their leashes, trying to untangle them when they get wrapped around each other or me. Or, if I had them on a coupler had to deal with them trying to go in opposite directions. In this case it was a practical thing.

Hence the reason why I want a dog stroller. I have toy dogs and taking them out shopping can be difficult battling with leashes, them sniffing here, them sniffing there…it’s all fine and good at first, but it gets old really fast. Not to mention Haley has food allergies and there are always pieces of dog food on the floor that she tries to get to. A stroller would keep her from eating anything and everything and it also leaves my hands free while I shop. It’s practical.

Like I need to justify myself to anyone…

Like I need to justify myself to myself…

Why don’t I just allow myself to become that owner? Why don’t I just go out, buy a stroller, dress up my dogs, take them out, call them my furbabies, and be done with it? The only answer is: because I haven’t done it yet. I keep putting it off. I’m too lazy. Yep, that’s what holds me back, my own laziness.

I guess it isn’t such a bad thing. My husband would kill me if I dressed up my dogs. My philosophy? If it doesn’t bother the dog then it doesn’t bother me. My dogs don’t mind being dressed up. In fact in the wintertime they love their coats and get excited when I pull them out. They love their harnesses too. So why not dress them up from time to time? They’re cute dogs. I should show off their cuteness.

Yes, I am a bit vain, I apologize.

Sorry if the last two posts have been kind of random. I’m just writing as my brain fires out words and phrases. I think I’m coming to the end of the words and phrases that my brain has stored up. So…

Until next time, that little pink shirt matches your eyes.