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Please Mom, I Want Some

Sorry Haley, you’ve had your dinner.

Happy Birthday Haley

Happy 6th Birthday Haley!!!!


First day with us







Dear Children

Dear Children,

I understand the appeal of my dogs. They’re small, cute, and relatively friendly. However, that does not mean that you can stray into my yard and interact with them, kick at my gate, or put your hand through the hole in the fence. Has anyone ever told you not to play with dogs that don’t belong to you when their owners aren’t around? If they haven’t, consider this your warning. Not all dogs are as nice as mine.

While we’re on the subject of bothering my dogs, please remember that my yard is not your extended yard and my trees are not your jungle gyms. I happen to like my trees and their unbroken branches. I can barely stand the squirrels jumping from tree to tree, let alone children who weigh much more than a small squirrel. Please do not climb on my trees or play hide-and-seek in my yard.

I have been reluctant to put up a “Beware of Dog” sign on my fence, but you children have almost left me no choice in the matter. I have to protect myself and my dogs somehow should–heaven forbid–one of my dogs nip you. I have given you verbal warning, as have several other members of my family, but that doesn’t seem like enough. Maybe a posted warning will help.

My other option is to break my goal of 2016 and bring a sixth, and slightly larger, dog into my household. That is the extreme. It is my hope that I don’t have to resort to this and that the last warning you received will be enough. Summer is coming, make sure your cousins get the message as well.

I apologize for being so hard, but I really am trying to protect all of us. That being said, if you ever see me in the yard, front or back, and you ask nicely, I might allow you to come in and play with my dogs while I supervise. If I’m not home or outside, then my yard is off limits. I hope you understand.


The lady next door with the cute dogs.